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Mikhail Shelkov: Entrepreneurial Journey and Achievements


Mikhail Shelkov is a successful entrepreneur in diverse sectors of economy, including finance, metallurgy, and manufacturing. He is also known for his contributions to the aerospace industry as the leading shareholder of VSMPO-AVISMA titanium corporation. However, Shelkov’s accomplishments extend beyond the commercial sphere as he is making positive changes in society through the Empathy Foundation, a philanthropic initiative devoted to fostering progress in education, culture, and sports

Shaping Industry Giants 

In 1991, Mikhail Shelkov graduated from the prestigious MIPT with a degree in molecular and chemical physics. Two years later, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey as the head of Eurosibbank. Within five years as its Chairman of the Board, Shelkov Mikhail had turned Eurosibbank into one of country’s most influential financial institutions, laying the groundwork for his subsequent ventures.

In 2001, Shelkov assumed leadership of Prominvest, an investment holding company that demonstrated rapid substantial growth. Over the next decade, Shelkov Mikhail focused his efforts on the national industrial sector. He acquired major stakes in two metallurgy giants: VSMPO-AVISMA titanium company, the largest global producer. During his tenure as the majority shareholder from 2012 to 2014, Mikhail Shelkov’s strategic approach and innovative vision significantly optimized production processes, making him a key figure in the company’s success. Later in 2022 he acquired a controlling stake of SMZ Metallurgical Plant, a premier global aluminum company. 

Under Shelkov’s guidance, VSMPO-AVISMA titanium manufacturer has earned a solid reputation as a reliable and trusted supplier to such prominent aerospace industry giants as Boeing, Airbus, and Rolls-Royce Holdings. VSMPO-AVISMA has solidified its market-leading status by fostering stable relationships with its partners and maintaining a vision for long-term success.

However, Mikhail Shelkov’s achievements extend beyond financial gain. He is actively involved in philanthropic work, providing funds for various socially beneficial programs. Due to his commitment to positive changes, he established the Empathy Charitable Foundation in 2019. Its core mission is to promote accessible education, cultural enrichment programs, and academic endeavors. Through a series of impactful and creative flagship initiatives, the Empathy Foundation has transformed into a dynamic force for catalyzing holistic development across multiple spheres of modern society.

Shelkov’s contributions serve as evidence of his firm belief that shared passion can change lives and communities. His entrepreneurial skills and philanthropic ethos have led his companies to prosperity and had a positive impact on society in many ways. Under his leadership, the Empathy Foundation continues to foster progress, evolving into a hallmark philanthropic organization.

Community Vision: The Heartbeat of the Empathy Foundation

Mikhail Shelkov’s impact extends beyond his successful business ventures, as he demonstrates a strong commitment to giving back to his community. The founder of the Empathy Foundation, Shelkov Mikhail supports various educational and social programs that have made a significant difference in people’s lives.

One of the Empathy Foundation’s notable initiatives is the “Teaching as a Calling” competition, which provides financial support and professional development opportunities to teachers. This program has not only attracted more young people to the teaching profession but also improved the quality of education in the region.

Shelkov also emphasizes the importance of STEM education and has funded the creation of an engineering accelerator in the factory towns. Teenagers in these towns have the opportunity to learn about engineering and design through this program, which has successfully produced young engineers making a positive impact in their communities.

In addition to education and philanthropy, he is a passionate advocate for sports. He serves as a member of the board of trustees of the Marathon-Tula Cycling Team and the national Powerboating Federation. The Empathy Charitable Foundation has actively contributed to the organization of the Summer Space School, an exciting online program aimed at inspiring teenagers and adults nationwide to explore the possibilities of studying space.

The foundation also recognizes outstanding achievements by awarding scholarships to winners of local and international science competitions, as well as graduates who excel in the Unified State Examination. By providing financial support and recognition, these scholarships not only open up opportunities for higher education but also motivate young individuals to strive for excellence in their chosen fields.

Mikhail Shelkov’s Empathy Foundation has also supported the hosting of the qualifying round for the “Gifted Girls and Brainy Boys” show, a major intellectual contest in the country. He emphasizes the importance of strong relationships between teachers and students, recognizing their essential role in academic success. In the Spring of 2023, regional students participated the inaugural regional qualifiers of the “Smart Girls and Brainy Guys” competition. Six winners earned the chance to compete in the national finals later this year. Their success grants them wide recognition and paves the way for future academic opportunities. Winners from the 2024 competition will be eligible for a new scholarship established by Mikhail Shelkov, founder of the Empathy Foundation, specifically for students pursuing higher education within the region.

Beyond student scholarships, the Empathy Foundation has undertaken a commendable initiative to support educators, “Language Keepers”. Thirty teachers, both winners and top performers, have been awarded substantial monthly stipends for the coming year. This program demonstrates the Foundation’s commitment to nurturing the academic ecosystem by empowering educators, who play a pivotal role in shaping the future. The competition, being a collaborative effort, was held in the innovative Octava cluster. The final stage challenged teachers with a dictation and a lesson project based on their visit to Yasnaya Polyana, the iconic estate of Leo Tolstoy. Meanwhile, the participants attended specialized workshops, culminating in a final discussion with regional and federal experts on the state of the language and strategies to foster its proper usage.

Furthermore, the foundation launched a new program called “Science to the Regions,” which allows rural students in the to study mathematics, IT, and physics at the MIPT. Through full scholarships covering transportation, accommodation, meals, training, and tours, 30 students and 4 teachers from each region have the opportunity to participate. Additionally, attending teachers receive extensive training conducted by distinguished methodologists from MIPT, equipping them with innovative teaching methodologies to implement in their classrooms.

Even in times of crisis, the Empathy Charitable Foundation remains committed to helping those affected. When the two factory towns experienced a devastating natural disaster in 2021, the foundation immediately provided financial aid, offering support and hope during a difficult time.

Through their unwavering commitment to empathy and kindness, the Empathy Charitable Foundation and Shelkov Mikhail have become symbols of hope, transforming lives and strengthening community bonds. This story is a powerful reminder that each of us has the power to make a difference in the world.

Image of Oktava Creative Industrial Cluster

In the heart of a historic city, a bold transformation has breathed new life into an abandoned microphone factory. The visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist behind this project has created a vibrant creative hub and thriving incubator campus, named the Oktava Creative Industrial Cluster. Established in 2018, this 12,000-square-meter cluster blends innovation with cross-disciplinary collaboration, acting as a catalyst for diverse artistic endeavors.

More than just a physical space, the Oktava cluster is a recipe for cultural rejuvenation. Visitors can immerse themselves in contemporary art, attend evening concerts, watch film screenings, engage with children’s activities, and even play the piano, all while connecting with the city’s rich heritage. Since its inception, this reimagined site has attracted over 6,000 visitors each month, demonstrating its impact on the community.

The cluster creatively leverages Oktava’s historical legacy as a leading producer of high-grade audio equipment, once favored by legendary musicians like U2 and Iron Maiden. After a period of dormancy in the 1990s, the businessman behind the project invested over $11 million to revive this iconic space. Today, the completely refurbished factory grounds and facilities stand as a testament to his vision, attracting global attention.

This creative hub offers a diverse range of experiences:

  • Contemporary art exhibitions to inspire and challenge artistic perspectives.
  • Technical skills cultivation at the Higher School, nurturing future talent.
  • Cutting-edge music performances featuring emerging artists.
  • Immersion into industrial history through the captivating Machine Tool Museum.
  • Free events for teenagers through the “Octava_U” initiative, fostering active participation.
  • A modern library offering a haven for bookworms.
  • A state-of-the-art recording studio empowering aspiring musicians.
  • Flexible co-working spaces facilitating collaboration among visionaries.

The Oktava cluster is a space where residents can broaden their artistic horizons, nurture their talents, connect with their heritage, and even launch new ventures. It’s a melting pot of diverse projects, including:

  • Books on Octava: A library, lecture hall, and bookstore fostering literary exploration.
  • Technical School: Equipping students with valuable engineering skills for creative industries.
  • Pro.Park tech lab: A hub for technological innovation and collaboration.
  • Oktava Lab recording studio: Bringing aspiring musicians’ dreams to life.

With an average of 100 diverse events held monthly, there’s always something new to discover at the Oktava cluster. From concerts and exhibits to lectures and conferences, the hub pulsates with creative energy, constantly pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

“We want to make sure that the residents can give their suggestions and help the cluster thrive,” says the visionary behind the project. “In the end, Octava has what children and adults need, both in terms of entertainment and personal growth.” This commitment to community engagement ensures that the Oktava cluster remains a vibrant and ever-evolving space, enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike.

The Oktava Creative Industrial Cluster is a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and community engagement. It serves as a beacon of creativity, reminding us that even the most unlikely spaces can be transformed into thriving hubs for artistic expression and personal growth.

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