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Metafluence’s Major Airdrop Campaign Lasts Until June 25, 2024


Metafluence launched its “Influence to Earn” program, a new initiative where social activity translates into tangible rewards. From April 25, 2024, to June 25, 2024, participants have the opportunity to claim a share of $10,000 in $METO tokens.

How It Works:

🔹 Earn $SOTO Tokens: Active engagement on platforms like Twitter and Discord will be rewarded with $SOTO tokens, recognizing users’ contributions.

🔹 Convert to $METO: Participants can swap their $SOTO tokens for $METO, Metafluence’s transaction token, which unlocks a range of opportunities within and beyond the Metafluence ecosystem.

🔹 Listed on Top Exchanges: $METO is available on MEXC, Gate, and Pancakeswap, ensuring both liquidity and accessibility for users.

🔹 Shape the Future: User engagement drives the growth of Metafluence, paving the way for a new era of social networking and finance.

Early registration is available on the Metafluence website, enabling participants to start earning rewards for their influence immediately.

Metafluence, a metaverse platform designed for influencers, invites users to join its Social Metaverse. The platform offers a vibrant community, immersive experiences, exciting events, endless fun, and exclusive rewards.

Users can start earning rewards for your influence here:

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