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Meta Shuts Down Workplace: Here is the Best Alternative



In a significant move that has left many businesses scrambling, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has announced the shutdown of its Workplace app by August 31, 2025. Since its launch in 2016, Workplace has been a cornerstone for internal corporate communication, helping over 7 million users connect and collaborate efficiently. However, Meta’s shift towards AI and the metaverse means that businesses now need to find a new platform to maintain their communication and engagement standards. So, what’s next for businesses that relied on Workplace?

What do Workplace Clients think? 

Speaking with Meta’s customers left me shocked by the importance of this communication product in their internal day-to-day usage. Field employees, programmers, HR, IT, truck drivers, and operational teams, all, regularly use the platform every day to engage with their different departments, teams, colleagues, and friends.

Writing this article, I’ve tried to analyze together with them – what are the different alternatives for Workplace, and how they will choose the next communication hub for their employees. Before jumping into the water with the results of the best Workplace alternative research, I asked them something that got my attention even more:

Why Communication and Engagement Matter in Their Business

Summarizing their thoughts, here are the top 3 points you should find improving in your organization by using such a software solution:

  • Improved Business Outcomes: Boosting internal communication ensures that everyone is aligned with the company’s goals, leading to better decision-making and execution.
  • Reduced Turnover: Engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company, reducing the costs associated with hiring and training new staff.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Tools that promote open communication foster a collaborative culture, which is critical for innovation and problem-solving.

But hearing those voices isn’t a surprise, as studies have shown that organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low engagement by 202%. Moreover, effective communication can increase productivity by up to 25% in organizations with connected employees.

Evaluating the Alternatives Left Us With A Single New Golden Standard

Given the importance of finding a suitable replacement for Workplace, I conducted an extensive evaluation of several leading communication and engagement tools together with a few current Meta’s enterprise customers that are looking for a replacement. The criteria included affordability, ease of use, feature set, and ease of transition.

Why Stands Out

After thorough research and testing, it was a little bit surprising to find only one (and a half) solutions that answered “everyone’s questions”. – a virtual space for organizations, emerged as the best alternative to Meta Workplace. Here’s why:

Affordable Pricing offers a cost-effective solution that suits businesses of all sizes, particularly for those who don’t want to spend huge numbers on something that should have been already a commodity in the enterprise software market. Pebb’s transparent, low-pricing structure ensures that companies can optimize operational costs without giving up on quality. The last finance movement trend of 2024 that focuses companies on profitability makes this parameter a very important one.

Free Version Available

One significant advantage of is its free version, allowing businesses to use its features without financial commitment. This is particularly beneficial for companies managing tight budgets that still want to provide their employees a wonderful digital hub to communicate with each other free of charge with almost everything they can dream of.

User-Friendly Interface’s intuitive interface ensures quick adoption by everyone – geeks, and those who got their first smartphone yesterday. The platform is designed for easy navigation, meaning minimal training is required, allowing teams to start collaborating immediately.


Key Features of

  1. Chat
    •’s chat feature facilitates seamless communication among team members, supporting both mobile and web applications. This ensures that teams can stay connected, whether they are working remotely or from the office.
  2. Feed
    • The live feed feature allows real-time updates and interactions, keeping everyone in the loop. This dynamic communication channel is crucial for maintaining an engaged and informed team.
  3. Clubs
    • Clubs enable the creation of private groups for focused discussions, project collaboration, or social interactions. This feature supports enhanced team collaboration and productivity.
  4. Pinned Posts & Apps Wall
    • These features centralize essential tools and information, ensuring easy access to everything needed for efficient workflow. Pinned posts keep critical information visible, while the apps wall provides quick access to frequently used tools.
  5. Advanced Search
    • The advanced search function allows users to find colleagues by name, title, or interests, fostering a more connected and collaborative work environment.

Smooth Transition from Workplace to

One of the standout features of is its seamless transition from different HR and Payroll systems, supporting more than 50 providers that can be used in order to import the company data into their new Pebb space. This includes Meta’s Workplace, so you won’t need to worry about the potential transition headache we are all familiar with when it comes to enterprise software. The single-click import feature makes the migration process straightforward, and absolutely something I haven’t seen in other products, so this is another big plus for the guys at Pebb that sums up our thoughts on this subject for now.
Wrapping It Up

The shutdown of Meta Workplace is part of a broader trend among big tech companies like Apple and Google, which often phase out products to refocus on their core business areas. This strategic shift highlights the dynamic nature of the tech industry, where constant innovation and evolution are the norms. For businesses, this means staying adaptable and always being prepared for changes in the tools they rely on.

In the face of such changes, it’s essential to evaluate available options carefully, considering factors that will keep your company alive and kicking. What are your thoughts on the shutdown of Meta Workplace, and how do you plan to navigate this change? Let’s discuss!

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