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Meet Yzan Perez: A Maverick Mind Redefining Communication And Business


Llanera, Asturias, Spain, 13th Apr 2024 – Yzan Pérez, the prodigious mind breaking conventional norms, unveils the secrets behind his groundbreaking book and entrepreneurial ventures.

From mastering reading at the tender age of two to receiving recognition from the prestigious INNIS (Asturian-Cántabrian Institute for Gifted Children) by the age of five, Yzan Pérez’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. His early escapades included outsmarting the education system with his precocious intellect, from acing exams to venturing into professional document forgery. Despite the unconventional route, Pérez’s brilliance has earned him the reputation of an underground genius.

Hailing from Spain, born in 2001, Yzan Pérez is not just another social media sensation; he is a communication prodigy with expertise spanning human language, anthropology, and business journalism. Esteemed professors liken his intellect to luminaries like Chomsky and Foucault, heralding him as Spain’s prodigal son in the realm of communication.

While Pérez may be known for his online presence, his digital footprint barely scratches the surface of his illustrious career. From pioneering theories in military strategy to receiving accolades from the Gabriel García Márquez Foundation, his endeavors have transcended borders. Pérez’s ventures extend beyond academia, as he is also the visionary behind a communications company dedicated to enhancing corporate reputations.

Reflecting on his journey, Pérez asserts, “I wasn’t born with inherent talent; I crafted it. As a bohemian, I believe in the power of conceptualization.” His discipline, communicology, serves as a nexus between communication and the world, elucidating how language shapes perceptions and interactions, from commerce to art and beyond.

A graduate of The Hague University (Netherlands) and URJC (Madrid), Pérez swiftly diverged from conventional academia, recognizing its limitations early on. “I spent four years inundated with mediocrity while building my empire,” Pérez recalls. “The turning point came during a Design Thinking class when I received a bank notification of €21,000 in earnings for the month. That was my cue to exit academia and embark on global exploration.”

Having traversed nations like Thailand, Qatar, and England, Pérez now channels his energies into his magnum opus: “The Art of Playing God.” This seminal work promises to revolutionize modern knowledge, delving into the intricacies of human communication from Paleolithic origins to contemporary political rhetoric.

With a projected sale of 20,000 copies, Pérez’s ambition knows no bounds. “My book will disrupt the literary landscape, bridging the gap between influencers and intellectuals,” Pérez declares. “It’s a synthesis of viral appeal and intellectual rigor, poised to become a staple in university curricula.”

In a world inundated with noise, Yzan Pérez emerges as a beacon of ingenuity, challenging conventions and reshaping paradigms with his unparalleled vision.

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Contact Person: Yzan Pérez


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Meet Yzan Perez: A Maverick Mind Redefining Communication And Business


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