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Madison C. Feehan: Leading Innovation in Space Science, Entrepreneurship, and Education


Edmonton, Canada, 5th March 2024, Madison C. Feehan, an expert in space science, entrepreneurship, and STEM education, is making significant strides in reshaping the landscape of space technology. As the Founder and CEO/COO of Space Copy and Co-founder and CFO of Moon Trades, Madison brings a wealth of expertise garnered from her extensive experience in the field and her commitment to fostering innovation.

Madison’s journey into the space industry began with a four-year tenure as a contract employee for NASA’s NRESS (NSPIRES) division. Her background in advanced lunar instrument development spans an array of expertise with prior experience working in NASA’s planetary science, heliophysics, biomedical engineering, and astrophysics divisions, showcasing her deep understanding of critical facets in the realm of space exploration and STEM as a whole.

Coupled with this scientific expertise, Madison is a Harvard Business School (HBSO) graduate with a Certificate of Specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, merging her scientific knowledge with a strong business acumen. Currently engaged in completing a degree in Commerce, Madison’s multifaceted education underscores her commitment to marrying innovation with practical business strategies.

Her contributions extend beyond academia and industry; Madison has volunteered her expertise in data analysis techniques for open-science programs, collaborating with renowned entities like NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the US government. As a published author, Madison most recently co-authored a book commissioned by the White House on AI, amplifying early career professional engagement within the global scientific community while continuing to volunteer with numerous committees such as the NASA Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium (LSIC), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Women in Aerospace Canada (WIA), amongst many others. Madison also gives back to her community by mentoring students and early career professionals who are launching careers in space sciences.

Madison’s accolades, including industry awards like the 2021 EPSB Division Awards for “Career & Life Pathway” and “Math, Science & Technologies,” solidify her impact and recognition in the field, while having recently been recognized for her participation in numerous open-science studies, and contributions to furthering data analysis techniques for various space-related programs being led by international space institutes bordering government and academia.

Space Copy and Moon Trades, Madison’s proud accomplishments, exemplify her vision for innovation and education in the space sector. Space Copy pioneers a groundbreaking multi-purpose interplanetary manufacturing device, offering an all-in-one solution integrating lunar regolith sampling, laser spectroscopy, spectral data analysis, machine learning, and 3D printing to create infrastructure in extreme environments both on Earth and in space. Meanwhile, Moon Trades is a newly developed start-up focused on AI-enhanced STEM education and autonomous robotics for lunar mining and in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), setting new standards in space science technology and education.

Madison’s commitment to inclusivity and mentorship is evident through her involvement in various consortiums and committees, including the National Small Business Association (NSBA), the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR), and the Global Expert Group on Sustainable Lunar Activities (GEGSLA), developed to influence public policy and provide a voice for industry stakeholders to connect with the interests of the United Nations (UN COPUOS).

As she continues to drive change and innovation, Madison aims to shape international policies surrounding funding opportunities for small businesses in STEM and advocate for greater collaboration in federally procured projects. Moreover, Space Copy and Moon Trades plan to engage the public and industry leaders through thought-provoking content that showcases their mission, values, and ambition to drive innovation, education, and industry leadership.

Join Madison C. Feehan and her companies, Space Copy and Moon Trades, on their journey of exploration, education, and innovation as they redefine the future of space science and technology.

For more information on Space Copy and Moon Trades, visit their respective websites at and

About Madison C. Feehan:

Madison C. Feehan stands at the intersection of space science, entrepreneurship, and STEM education. With a background in advanced lunar instrument development for NASA and a Harvard Business School Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Madison seamlessly merges scientific expertise with a keen business acumen. As the Founder and CEO/COO of Space Copy and Co-founder and CFO of Moon Trades, Madison leads groundbreaking initiatives, driving innovation in space technology and fostering accessible STEM education. Her commitment to shaping policies for small businesses in STEM reflects her dedication to propelling the space industry forward through collaboration and visionary leadership.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Space Copy and Moon Trades

Contact Name: Madison C. Feehan (CEO/COO of Space Copy and CFO of Moon Trades)

Website: and 

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