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KryptoGranny: Everyone has a Place in Our Technological and Economic Future


Henzelene Healley talked to KryptoGranny, also known as Anita Kalergis, at the DIFC Fintech Summit. Anita is a crypto pioneer, enthusiast and influencer who has made significant contributions to the crypto industry and has been recognized for her insights and expertise.

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Anita Kalergis said she discovered blockchain technology around 2016 through a friend. “I am not a techie; I am a sales and marketing person at heart. I am 61 years old and have been in the sales industry for over 40 years.”

What fascinated her about blockchain was the potential to restore trust among people. “I wanted to learn more, so I attended events and networked with knowledgeable individuals who kindly explained their work, though initially it all went over my head. My favorite question has always been ‘Why?’, which led to deeper conversations and better understanding.” This journey earned Kalergis the nickname ‘KryptoGranny’, with a ‘k’, because she hails from Finland, and this is the Finnish spelling.

Ever since, Anita’s mission has been to involve everyone in the technological and economic future already today. “I am passionate about the technology and believe it deserves a chance. By showing that a 61-year-old non-techie grandmother has a place in this industry, I hope to demonstrate that it is not just for the young. I have been active in this space since 2017,” she said.

Once people understand how secure blockchain is, everyone understands its benefits. However, there are also bad actors in the space. “That is an ongoing issue, but it is not unique to our industry,” responded Kalergis. “Traditional financial businesses have their own problems. Scammers are everywhere, taking advantage of the uninformed.”

To counter this, Anita encourages everyone with even a slight curiosity about the industry to become involved. “Attend events like the Dubai FinTech Summit, network, ask questions, and demand understandable answers. Once you have gathered enough information from all perspectives, make an informed decision.”

For everyone already in the space, it is crucial to communicate clearly and support newcomers. “By helping them understand the value and importance of what we do, we can build a knowledgeable community. This community, in turn, can protect itself from scammers.”

Kalergis added: “Regulators and central banks are doing their part, but as we seek freedom and independence, we must also take responsibility for our own knowledge and security. Collaboration between regulators, lawmakers, and industry actors is essential to create a fairer, better future.”

Education is key when it comes to virtual assets like cryptocurrencies, which are extensions of FinTech, similar to traditional financial markets but represented as tokens. Regulators must balance progress with restriction, and the community should support and educate each other. Kalergis’s positive outlook is one that continues to legitimize the industry for many.

“This technology is amazing; it can restore trust among people. However, change takes time, and we cannot take shortcuts. We need to be patient and keep our goals in mind, meeting in the middle to build something sustainable and tangible. We need concrete examples to show mainstream people the real-life problem-solving potential of this technology, rather than self-made problems.”

Anita Kalergis pointed out that no one is smarter than anyone else in the big picture. Tech experts have their specific knowledge, and governments and banks have theirs. “By working together and pooling our knowledge, we can achieve great things. This space is for everyone, regardless of background or expertise. All it requires is curiosity and a willingness to listen and engage. Each person can then decide for themselves how they want to proceed,” she concluded.

Interview by Henzelene Heally

Henzelene Healley is a common law qualified lawyer living in Dubai and services clients globally. Healley founded her first legal consultancy in 2019, evolving into The Counsel Services (TCS). She is qualified with an LLB with Honors in New Zealand and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 2014. Healley started her journey in Web3.0/Blockchain and digital assets in 2017 when setting up a crypto exchange in the UAE. In 2021 she was the legal counsel of a crypto mining company in the UAE and a virtual asset VC fund with USD100m in AUM. With over five years of hands-on experience in the startup industry, Henzie and her team of lawyers have played a pivotal role in the growth and success of many companies in the Middle East region by providing legal guidance and support from seed, inception, to series rounds and IPO or exit.

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