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Utah-born, Jordan Bown started off his career as a breakthrough entrepreneur and dropshipper with a passion to help others achieve their goals. His motivation? A childhood dream.

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When he was growing up, Jordan imagined a life full of freedom, success and fulfillment. Unfortunately, his early years failed to live up to that standard. Instead, he spent a lot of his childhood worrying and taking care of his mother who had gotten into a terrible accident. He began to suffer from depression and then started abusing different substances.

Still, he had one thing inside of him that he could not remedy away: his vision of the life he wanted to live.

Although this dream may have been clouded by the negative aspects of his childhood, this vision was far from forgotten. It had always been something that he imagined, no matter how hard times were. So, when he found himself going down a not good path, it didn’t take long for him to realize he needed to make changes.

“Straight out of high school I began pursuing any side hustle or business opportunity I could,” says Jordan in an interview. For him, this was the break he needed: to be out of school, to be on his own. It was an entirely new feeling and a jolt of adrenaline.

Jordan began learning the inner workings of different marketing agencies and eventually found deep interest in creating a connection between products and audiences. “I love creating brands, stories, and marketing products to people. I love finding an emotion, a product, a story that people resonate with and turning it into a community or business that generates money,” he says. This love for creating stories, making them believable, and delivering these ideas to his clients are what excites him and keeps him going.

And while he has already surpassed the expectations of his childhood, Jordan still continues to find new interests and sources of happiness everywhere. One of these interests is in teaching others to achieve the things that he has.

To learn more about Jordan Bown and his latest activities visit him on his two Instagrams @jordan.bown and @voidenergy

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