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Introducing Japan, Tokyo Windows VPS Server Hosting by TheServerHost


Cheap low Cost Japanese Windows VPS Server Hosting Provider featuring NVME SSD, KVM virtualized, unmetered bandwidth

Delhi, Delhi, India, 29th Apr 2023, King NewsWire Microsoft’s Windows Server operating system is an extensive series of enterprise-class systems that power a range of services from data storage and applications to corporate networks.

Development for Windows Server started in the 1980s when Microsoft produced two different types of operating system – MS-DOS for personal desktop use and a server version known as Windows NT.

Microsoft has released several versions of its Windows Server Operating System that are specialized for business use. These servers are extremely powerful machines that are designed to run constantly and provide resources to other computers. They are usually used for businesses, but can also be used in home settings and for education purposes.

What Is a Windows Server?

As mentioned above, there are several differences between the Windows Server and standard versions of Windows. For example, Server has a much higher maximum memory capacity than other versions of Windows. It can support high RAM, which is more than the maximum available on most desktops and laptops. It can run on symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) hardware, which helps boost performance by running more than one processor at a time.

Besides the higher memory capacity, the Windows Server OS can also manage larger networks and data volumes, including remote servers. This can help a company manage and control its operations more effectively, especially in the case of large organizations that need to support hundreds of employees in the same office.

The Windows Server Operating System is an operating system that’s primarily used to manage servers. It provides various server-oriented services, including a centralized database, security and authorization, file sharing and messaging. It also allows for network interconnectivity with other systems and devices.

The most popular version of the operating system is Windows Server 2012, which focuses on cloud computing and has four editions: Foundation, Essentials, Standard and Datacenter. The most notable changes in this release include improvements to storage, networking and virtualization.


Windows Server is a family of servers that can be deployed either on hardware in a data center or on a cloud platform. It offers a wide range of security features that help protect the system from threats.

One of the most important security features is encryption. It enables you to secure your data from theft, even if the physical security of the server is compromised. This feature also helps you manage and audit your system.

Another way to protect the Windows Server operating system from cyberattacks is to set up an authentication policy. This policy ensures that only the intended users can access the system, which is a good practice because it prevents malicious attackers from accessing sensitive information.

Moreover, it allows you to limit user permissions and configure firewall settings. It can also help you eliminate backdoors that attackers could use to get into your network.

The first step to hardening your Windows Server is to check whether it is running the latest version of the OS. This will make sure that it has the latest security patches and fixes, which will also help to keep your server from becoming vulnerable to attacks.

This is an essential part of security, and it should be performed regularly to make sure that your server is up to date with the latest software versions. This will protect your data from hackers who may attempt to access it through vulnerabilities in the operating system.

For example, you can install a malware detection program to detect suspicious activity and alert you if it occurs. This will give you a chance to react quickly and fix the problem before it grows to an emergency level, which can damage your business.


The scalability of an operating system (OS) is its ability to adapt to changing demands on it as an organization grows. This means that a business can add extra processing power and storage as it needs it, without having to replace the software or hardware that is currently running on the system.

Scalability is an important consideration when choosing a server OS, as it can help you save time and money. This is especially true for smaller businesses that may not have the budget for a full-blown OS like Windows Server.

Microsoft started making waves in the network server market with Windows NT 4.0, an operating system that offered stability and scalability. This release pushed back against the sluggishness and lack of connectivity of earlier versions of Windows NT and NetWare servers by offering an easier-to-use interface, improved networking capabilities and faster performance.

This release of Windows Server ushered in an era of more unified management tools, including Active Directory and Group Policy. These improvements helped administrators manage multiple server systems with less effort than ever before.

Another key feature of this release was the addition of symmetric multiprocessing, which allowed applications to run better on machines with several processors. This helped companies reduce their data center footprint and lower their operating expenses.

The scalability features of Windows Server are one of the reasons that this OS is so popular among businesses. This allows IT professionals to adjust the utilization of resources as needed, which can be especially beneficial for businesses that experience sudden spikes in customer traffic or have special needs when it comes to scaling their application architecture.

In addition to its scalability features, the Windows Server Operating System is also highly secure. It includes a powerful antivirus and firewall, along with automated patching that keeps the system updated. This makes it a strong choice for any business looking to improve security.


The Windows Server Operating System is a powerful and flexible platform for hosting applications, providing secure access to data, and managing network infrastructure. Its advanced virtualization capabilities, scalability, and security features help businesses increase performance while lowering costs.

The latest version of the Windows Server Operating System, R2, introduced a series of new features that were designed to improve the overall performance of an organization’s IT infrastructure. These included a variety of improvements to PowerShell and Storage Spaces.

Other notable changes in the Windows Server Operating System include the creation of a series of specialized SKUs that are targeted at different markets and applications. These are designed to meet specific needs and budgets.

There are also a number of specialized tools and services that are built into Windows Server to make it easier for administrators to manage their systems. These include Server Manager and Event Viewer.

These tools allow users to add, remove, and modify servers in an easy and convenient manner. They also allow sysadmins to track the status of all servers in their environment.

Another useful tool in Windows Server is the DSC or desired state configuration, which can be used to keep all machines consistent in their operating system settings. This can help combat configuration drift across multiple devices within an organisation, ensuring a consistent and efficient user experience across the board.

This can be particularly beneficial for remote workers who are required to have a constant connection to the company’s IT system in order to work effectively. With the rise of Covid-19, this requirement has become even more important to the success of companies, with many now opting to work from home or in other remote locations. This has led to a growing demand for IT systems that can be easily updated and modified in response to changing circumstances.

TheServerHost Best Japan VPS Server Hosting Provider

TheServerHost is a leading Japan VPS hosting provider that offers both unmetered bandwidth and disk space. They also have a team of technicians available round-the-clock to help you with your needs.

They also offer full root access, which allows you to install any applications and updates that you want. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated IP address.

High-performance servers

Dedicated servers are the best choice for large-scale websites that require dedicated resources. They are powered by high-end hardware and offer a wide range of features, including redundant power and 24/7 monitoring. They are also highly scalable and can handle high traffic levels.

TheServerHost Best Japan VPS Server Hosting Provider offers a variety of dedicated servers to suit your needs. Their plans are affordable and come with a number of benefits, including unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The company also offers a no-downtime guarantee, which is helpful for small businesses that experience fluctuating traffic.

They also have a no-downtime guarantee, which ensures that your website is always up and running. This is especially important for businesses that are highly dependent on their website, as it allows them to resolve problems immediately.

Finally, TheServerHost servers are easy to scale, which is useful for large and growing businesses. You can add new servers or upgrade existing ones with the click of a button.

24/7 technical support

TheServerHost is a reliable host that offers round-the-clock technical support through a dedicated ticket system and live chat. Their customer support professionals are highly trained and can resolve any problem you might encounter.

They also offer free site migrations and domain registrations, which can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. You can also access their knowledge base and video tutorials to learn more about their services.

Their servers are enterprise-grade and highly powerful, so you can expect excellent performance. They also offer unmetered bandwidth and multiple high-bandwidth network interfaces, which is important for businesses that need lots of data.

In addition, TheServerHost’s servers are designed to be highly secure. They are equipped with SSL and SSH, so you can rest assured that your website is safe from hacking attacks.

Dedicated IP address

Choosing a dedicated IP address is a crucial step for any business website. It provides maximum security and ensures that your business gets the exposure it deserves. Having a dedicated IP is also helpful for increasing the speed of your website, as the traffic will be more stable.

In addition to offering a wide range of plans, TheServerHost Best VPS Server Hosting Provider also offers dedicated IP addresses. This feature is especially beneficial for business websites because it can maximize exposure and help your website rank higher in search engines.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a VPS server is the provider’s uptime record. This is particularly important for small businesses that experience fluctuating traffic, as a high uptime rate means that they won’t lose visitors to their site.

TheServerHost offers an extensive range of plans, and its customers can customize their accounts to meet their unique needs. They also have a team of dedicated engineers available round the clock to ensure that your server is always running smoothly. This makes TheServerHost a reliable and reputable VPS hosting company that can handle any of your hosting needs. Its plans are affordable and flexible, and they have a strong commitment to customer service. You can contact them through live chat or phone to ask any questions you have about their plans.

TheServerHost managed Japan VPS servers have many customizable features, making it easy for you to set up your own website. They also offer a comprehensive control panel that allows you to manage your email accounts and website easily.

TheServerHost managed Japan VPS servers are also secure, with firewalls and other security measures in place to protect your data and website. They also provide backups to prevent data loss in the event of a system crash or hack attack. This means you can easily restore your website if something goes wrong, so you can continue business without interruption.

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