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Instagram Story Ideas to Boost Your Engagement


Dubai, UAE, 19th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Why is it important for marketers to focus on boosting Instagram engagement? The answer to this question is because Instagram serves as one of the busiest and biggest social media channels, with billions of active users worldwide.

However, it is not just the huge audience base that makes the platform perfect for social media marketing. More and more marketers are using it because it promotes video marketing and content.

Posting visual content on Instagram is highly beneficial for marketers as they witness more engagement and better visibility over time. That’s because social media users are simply in love with sharing and engaging with video content.

The channel is brimming with businesses looking to target the attention of their audiences with top-quality visual matter. This brings us to the burning problem of how to boost engagement, considering there is huge Instagram content in each niche. The answer lies below:

Experiment with Different Varieties of Content

The best thing about this platform is that it allows users to post content in varied formats. These include carousel posts, single-image posts, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, and IGTV.

So, going for different varieties of Instagram story ideas will give you the scope of understanding the formats that actually work for you by engaging the audiences very often. You must work on the principle of publishing flawlessly, analyzing effortlessly, and engaging authentically.

Have your focus on diversifying the different content formats used on Instagram. The best is to go for the perfect blend of carousels, IGTV, single-image stories, and Reels in your feed. Of all the different varieties of posts on Instagram, carousels have the highest rate of engagement. The rate of engagement is specifically high for posts, including a blend of videos and images.

But remember, something that works for your business might not work for you. So, choose your content format accordingly.

Use Strategically Selected, Long-Tail Hashtags

Not just using strategically selected, long-tail hashtags will work, but you need to mix them up properly across all your posts to drive the type of engagement you are looking for.

Long-tail hashtags are detailed and specific. This means that they reflect the context of a post in the most accurate manner. Of course, you can find several similar tags; but those with fewer associated posts will make your content discovered, liked, and commented on by the followers.

You have the option of using more general hashtags with a lot of associated content. This will bring you good engagement, specifically if you have a good post. However, make sure to mix all of them in with long-tail and the less popular tags in a ratio of 80:20.

Use Videos Also

No business can move on with successful Instagram marketing if there’s no video included in it. Instagram is not just about pictures but even about videos. The platform allows its users to upload different types of videos with 15 seconds duration.

Posting top-quality videos on Instagram will help businesses stand out on this channel and engage with their followers in the most dramatic manner. Videos can help businesses introduce their new products, create employee attention, showcase company culture, and share behind-the-scenes moments.

It’s always good to use short and simple videos to serve as teasers or campaigns for large products.

Conducting Giveaway Contests Also Works

The best benefit of conducting giveaway contests is they help brands rake in a large number of comments. These are comments where users tag their respective friends, indicating real engagement.

Such comments also bring in new people to the audiences giving businesses and the person the scope of converting these new individuals into followers, fans, and possibly loyal customers. Many brands run regular contests asking users to tag their friends, and in exchange, they get rewards.

Add Fun to Your Instagram Posts and stories

Instagram posts and stories take good effort and time. This is something that everyone knows, but simply because there’s a lot of effort going into creating these posts, it does not mean you cannot have fun creating the same.

You have complete freedom to express yourself the way you want. It’s just that the fun element in your post will bring in more viewers who will transform into loyal followers and fans with time.

And yes, adding fun to your Instagram posts will also give you the reason to stick to the procedure as long as you want. People who love fun and frolic things they watch stick to brands that offer a fun element in their Instagram stories. Also, people keep coming back to these brands to watch more fun posts.

Update Your Profile constantly

It is always very important for you to customize your Instagram profile repeatedly, so it always looks good. Inform your prospects about who you are and what you are dealing with. give them the reason why they must follow your brand and go for your products and services.

The first step of the process is creating an attractive username. It is also important for you to ensure that the username is not just attractive but searchable as well. Also, ensure having a public profile.

Also, select a profile image that is right on-brand with all the other social networking sites, just like your company’s logo.

Always Try Responding to Followers

Always make it a point to respond to the comments you get from the followers and fans. Be it negative comments or positive ones, you must always respond to the same as it is one of the biggest parts of engaging with the audience.

It is also important for you to thank people for their kind comments and even tagging their acquaintances.


There is no other platform as good as Instagram when sharing, branding, and engaging a business. Therefore, if you have still not started with Instagram marketing, it is high time you have your hands on it.

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