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Importance Of Feeding Rumen Bypass Fat In Animals Nutrition


Rumen bypass fats can solve the challenges associated with animal nutrition. In this article, we will find out how it is beneficial for them.

A primary concern for farmers in the dairy farming sector is related to increasing milk production and boosting overall income.

The biggest challenge faced by farmers is the increased energy requirements of dairy cattle, especially during the calving phase. The regular diet alone falls short of meeting these heightened energy needs. This is where the need for rumen bypass fat comes in.

Rumen bypass fats or protected fats are processed to make them easily mixable with all types of animal feeds. The Top 5 Brands of Rumen Bypass Fats are Megalac, Nutripid, Berg + Schmidt, Musim Mas, and Nutrilac.

Why Use Rumen Bypass Fat?

Feeding fat to dairy animals such as cows, and goats can enhance the energy balance, leading to increased milk production, fertility, and biological processes. 

The benefits of boosting the dietary energy density without compromising digestibility can be achieved by feeding dietary fat. This can help ruminant animals from undergoing hydrogenation.

Rumen bypass fats, due to their high-fat content, help boost the energy intake in cows without surpassing the recommended feeding levels.

Fat is any day more energy-dense than another feed ingredient. It delivers the highest energy yield per gram 37.7 kj/g, as opposed to carbohydrates at 16.7 kj/g. This reduces the demand for food needed to meet the necessary energy requirements for lactation and calving in cows, all while staying within the feeding limits.

As a result, this approach leads to increased milk production and overall improved cow health throughout the entire process.

Rumen Bypass Fat vs. Other Fats

Now let’s compare rumen bypass fat with other fats and see how the former is a better choice.

The issue with other fat sources is that they are consumed only by ruminant animals and that too in unprotected or free form. Even small quantities of these fats can coat the rumen’s fiber, preventing the essential microbes needed for fiber breakdown from accessing it.

This leads to improper rumen fermentation and reduced butterfat percentage and energy provision. This is the reason that rumen bypass fats make a better choice for rumens. These fats can pass through the rumen without interfering with fermentation processes and remain digestible in the cow’s intestine.

Rumen bypass fat stands out as a better option than other fats. It helps keep rumens healthy during the calving and lactation phase even with lower quantity food intake. Also, it provides a consistent supply of energy to animals.

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