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Hype: Discover how web3 is revolutionizing the digital world in 2022 and beyond


Dubai, UAE– (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The hype is real when it comes to the upcoming Web 3.0 ecosystem. Touting a digital frontier focused on increased privacy, more extraordinary user experiences, deregulation, transparency, and blockchains, the third generation of internet services is based on seamless connectivity.

This iteration is being described as “the web as it should be” and holds great promise. One of the companies that have helped bring this improved metaverse to life is Hype.

This digital agency has helped propel Web 3.0 ecosystems, games, and communities with a top-tier network of partners. These collaborations have resulted in dynamic creativity and advanced developer campaigns to further revolutionize Web 3.0.

Hype was founded in 2017 by Jake Stott, who currently serves as the agency’s chairman & CEO. It is now regarded as the leading authority in community management and marketing for Web 3 projects. The agency is essentially an incubator that has helped startups gain momentum and establish a strong footprint. The hype was created to give the most innovative ideas an extra push to get them over the finish line.

Calling Web 3.0 the “face of the future led by transparent and open communities,” Stott described Hype as “boosting the presence of projects” that align with the core concept of the newest iteration of the internet. The agency has a broad reach with over 175 team members in 36 countries working on more than 130 blockchain projects.

Hype aims to build and support these projects as Stott feels they will further enrich the Web 3 metaverse. The agency has earned a name for itself as the first choice for projects seeking to boost their growth as Hype has become synonymous with success. This is due to formidable industry experience in specific areas such as SAAS startups, brands, advertising, and gaming.

As for the future of Hype, Jake Stott looks forward to helping users and developers make the most of this upcoming shift. His team is working on a plan for growth which entails expanding its customer and product base by delivering customized solutions to each client. The end result: further advancing Web 3.0 into 2022 and beyond.

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Owner: Siddhartha taneja
Company: Hype
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