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How the “Coach’s Coach” Kate Osborne Is Rewarding Teams for Showing Outstanding Leadership


The pathway to becoming a successful leader is rife with challenges; battles fought both internally and externally, endless conflicts that require mediation and resolution, and inspiration needing to be given to direct your team towards its grand goal.

This journey isn’t one for the faint of heart, but can become one of the most rewarding aspects of your life, if executed correctly. A true leader is able to manifest the intangible, overcome seemingly insurmountable roadblocks, draw forth the untapped potential in their team, sow seeds and reap rewards beyond expectations. These kinds of powerful, resilient, compassionate and successful leaders seem few and far between in a corporate sea of mediocre managers, but award-winning leadership coach Kate Osborne has been training these leaders for the past 20 years.

Graduating from University of Queensland 1994 with a double major in Psychology, Kate quickly discovered the value of leading with compassion as she worked on building effective teams in her initial role at Flight Centre Australia at 23. By 27, Kate was so good at harnessing the potential of her teams and building a strong, sustainable and successful work culture that she found herself in a role as share owner of 2 Flight Centre branches, personally managing 73 different combinations of teams in 60 months.

Kate’s passion for developing strong leadership skills in her teams was scouted by one of the biggest coaching firms in Australia and she was poached soon after, putting herself in a position to directly impact the foundation and growth of the upcoming generation of Australia’s leaders in their fields. As a professional leadership expert, Kate won multiple awards in recognition of her abilities and methods, including Westpac’s ‘Most Outstanding Women in Business’, and Femeeconomy & the Office for Women’s ‘Voice for Leadership 2019’. Within her own organisation, Kate became the first woman to ever achieve ‘Platinum Coach’ status, and was known colloquially as the “Coach’s Coach”.

Since then, Kate has gone on to develop several highly successful coaching programs built from the ground up using her personal methodologies, the most popular being KOKO Matrix — a framework developed by Kate in collaboration with leaders across a variety of fields, including; legal, marketing, sales, HR, production and distribution, all coming together to develop a framework of prompts designed to challenge its users to dig deep, bringing forth the growth necessary to step into the powerful, compassionate and successful leaders their organisations need to thrive.

KOKO Matrix focuses on proven methods for identifying and improving processes and collective team outcomes for their businesses, promoting collaboration between leaders over conflict, and presenting the opportunity to grow together. Designed by the best coaches and consultants in the industry, Kate has made it her mission to provide an enriching and rewarding experience for organisations trying to build strong teams and sustainably scale their business.

Revisiting her roots, Kate has recently partnered with her old team at Flight Centre to provide a fun $1500 sponsorship for businesses that show impressive breakthroughs after completing the KOKO Matrix program, to further celebrate the successes of the teams she works with. “The skills to be a better leader also has a knock-on effect in the home by teaching us how to be better people.” explains Kate. “I not only want to produce great leaders, I’ve already made plenty of them. I want to aid in building happy, healthy, enlightened millionaires. The type of successful person who will then pass that on and raise up the next generation of compassionate leaders.

Connect with Kate Osborne and the team at KOKO Matrix through their website, or her Instagram page to learn more about what it means to become a compassionate leader.

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