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How COVID-19 Is Affecting Divorce Rates


TN, US, 14th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Divorce rates are expected to rise as the ongoing pandemic affects couples’ professional and personal lives. The extended lockdown and travel restrictions have led to a rise in relationship tensions to the extent that divorce attorneys are bracing for increased demand as restrictions are lifted.

Statistics On Divorce During COVID-19

The expected rise in divorces is based on statistics from 2020 and 2021, which also increased separations and divorces. In Britain, a leading law firm reported a 122 percent increase in divorce inquiries from July to October 2020, and a charity reported a 25 percent increase. A contract website in the U.S. saw a less drastic uptick with a 34 percent rise in sales of basic divorce agreements.

Similarly, Wuhan reported a surge in divorce rates after the initial 70-day quarantine in 2020 was lifted, and Sweden also reported a “sharp rise” in divorce applications starting in August 2020.

Factors Affecting Divorce

Several factors affect divorce, including historical issues such as inequalities in responsibilities or conflict within the immediate or extended family. However, more modern issues have also affected divorce rates, such as those related to COVID-19.

Below are several issues related to the pandemic that have caused relationship conflicts:

Teleworking – Working from home and in close quarters can lead to strain as couples’ professional lives conflict, and the social aspects of the workplace fail to smooth at-home tensions.

Furloughs – One person being furloughed or laid off from work is enough to cause financial strain, but this is worsened when both individuals are let go; arguments about finances are a primary cause of relationship problems.

Quarantining – The lack of personal space or time as couples quarantine at home together can exacerbate negative emotions, such as frustration, and ignite a focus on preexisting, underlying issues.

Homeschooling – Balancing professional or personal responsibilities with children’s virtual schooling can lead to overworked parents; if one parent is responsible for the bulk of education, this can cause more problems.

Housework – Arguments about who does more housework (or who should do more) predated the pandemic. Still, the close quarters caused by quarantining can result in a renewed focus on this topic.

Politics – Couples may argue when they have disagreements over politics or pandemic-related mandates and restrictions, such as wearing masks or whether or not to get vaccinated.

Any one of these issues may cause problems in a relationship. When combined, they can be severe enough to lead to couples breaking up, separating, or divorcing when possible. As a result, the number of separated and divorced couples is expected to rise.

No-Fault Divorce For Couples

An additional factor affecting couples in the United Kingdom is no-fault divorces. This new law makes it easier for couples to file for divorce. This legislation brings the U.K. up to par with countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia, China, Spain, and Australia, which already allow no-fault divorce.

Previously, divorces had to be justified by at least one of five causes: adultery, “unreasonable” behavior, desertion, or separation for two or five years. Because justification was required for divorce, one or both parties had to accept a measure of ‘blame’ for the relationship ending. No-fault divorce allows for an amicable split not related to the five reasons listed above.

There are arguments for and against no-fault divorce. Proponents claim that no-fault divorce leads to decreases in domestic violence and suicide and has no long-term causal impact— that is, while divorces may spike short-term, it does not have long-term effects. Opponents argue that it allows individuals to shuck responsibility.

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