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Hector Network is about to launch its NFT Marketplace!


Bristol, United Kingdom — Hector Network is not simply about staking rewards anymore but an elaborate ecosystem offering exciting opportunities to users. And if one was to look for a project that isn’t devoted to a particular domain but provided a diverse range of options, all interlinked and using the same native token, Hector Network might be a perfect choice.

Also, Hector Network will soon announce its official partnership with one of the most popular football clubs. The association offers several benefits to Hector Network, including enhanced reach and media attention. Also, once the partnership goes through, Hector Network would receive 200 tickets to matches and access to other regular events, which would be shared with the community to incentivize users to get acquainted with the platform.

The success of a project in the crypto and blockchain space depends mainly on two factors, the funds at disposal and diversity. Hector Network has managed to get both these worked out pretty well in its favor. It has managed to generate 75,000,000 for its treasury by offering the native token, $HEC, at a discounted price as well as investment management during the recent market downturns. These funds are now used in developing the various sub-projects, and a major part of the treasury is used to acquire volatile coins depending on the market dynamics. It helps ensure that the treasury grows with time.

Coming to the second factor, i.e., diversity. Hector Network offers far more opportunities in diverse domains than other projects. Be it NFT, staking, stablecoin, De-Fi gaming, payment solutions, and education. All these sub-projects are under development and will be released soon for users.

Atlantica, an NFT marketplace with unique collections

NFTs have performed exceptionally well ever since they became popular. The last few years have seen some of these fetching record-breaking prices in the market, with the most valuable one being sold for as high as $91 million. And with Hector Network’s Atlantica, things are about to become more interesting.

Atlantica is about to revolutionize the space. It also intends to enable cross-chain transactions to enhance accessibility and make the process seamless and straightforward. A wide variety of NFTs will be available on Atlantica, and it won’t all be about the users but also the creators. Atlantica strives to become a platform that encourages talent and motivates creators to present their best work to the world. It’s got something for everyone!

Also, Hector Network will launch its NFT, the Mythos Collection. There will be 10,000 animated NFTs, each with a rarity level from these five, Onyx, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Tyrian. And those minting The Mythos Collection NFTs also stand a chance to win additional rewards through the Fantom Lottery, held every 4 weeks.

De-Fi gaming for the game lovers

Blockchain-based games have taken the gaming space by storm lately, with some of the most impressive titles released. But, there are still a few voids left, and that’s what Hector Network plans to fill. It intends to take De-Fi gaming to its true potential by offering the community thrilling games.

All about the $HEC token

The $HEC token is the first of its kind, offering rebases, as well as the ones inherent to a deflationary token, given users have staked $HEC. A deflationary token is one where the supply is reduced over time. By employing deflationary mechanics, Hector Network ensures that its native token remains viable and sustainable in the long run.

Also, Hector Network would soon offer OTC Promo for users to acquire the $HEC tokens at a reduced price.

Given the advanced protocols employed and the systematic planning behind Hector Network, the future looks bright, both for the project and the users. So, for those who haven’t acquired them yet, go ahead and purchase the $HEC tokens today and check out the other subprojects.

To find out more about Hector Network and the ecosystem, visit the official website:

Also, follow Hector Network on all social media handles to stay updated with the recent developments and releases.










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