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Credit-DeFi company believes blockchain technology will change completely in the near future. It carries an intrinsic value in technology within itself when it solves all the weaknesses of traditional financial technology today. Blockchain truly becomes the leading technology for the financial transactions of the future.  Year catches the trend, they will create a perfect experience for users. The CreditDefi application will be a breakthrough product in the credit and lives field.

Credit-DeFi digital bank is a bank that can perform most banking transactions online through the internet. Digital bank transactions do not have to go to a bank branch and minimize the related paperwork. At the same time, digital banking features can be performed anytime, anywhere, regardless of time and space.


Credit-DeFi team understands this is a golden opportunity to take advantage of, so members of the board of directors have invested heavily in strategies to build CRD to become the most valuable coin in the market and development direction. The world’s leading digital bank dealing in market cryptocurrencies and fiat cryptocurrencies will be implemented shortly.

 Credit-DeFi will officially launch Credit-DeFi Digital Banking in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Jan-Jun 2020: Research to build and develop CRD copper.

Jul-Sep 2020: Community building airdrop.

Oct-Dec 2020: Building community exchanges.

Jan-Mar 2021: App launch, CreditDefi, Digital Bank list on international exchange. $1 target.

Apr-Jun 2021: Global CRD development. $4 target.

Jul-Sep 2021: Issue ATM. $8 target.

Oct 2021-Jun 2022: Issue ATM CreditDefi card. $25 target.

Jul-Sep 2022: Top 20 coinmarketcap. $50 target.

Oct 2022-2023: Issuing electronic shares, convertible shares on the new blockchain technology platform. $100 target. 

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