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Features of an Online Trading App


The stock market has always been fascinating for many young investors, making them start early investments. Nowadays, youngsters are more excited about which stock is performing well than which new movie is coming up. They want quick access to everything to make informed decisions. This is why the accessibility to the market has also been eased. Making trading and investing much more accessible to the general public as well. So that they can start with smaller investments of even Rs. 500. In India, only 3% of people are there who know about the stock market, which is not so good sign for a growing economy like ours. Most of the population in India has access to mobile phones, and they can quickly start their investment journey, but because of a lack of knowledge, they don’t. Through an online trading app, one can quickly begin their trading and investment journey by investing in stocks, bonds, futures, options, etc. and grow their money in a compounding manner. In this article, we’ll cover the features of a trading app to help you understand better how it can benefit you.

Features of an Online Trading App

A trading app must have some basic features that make it easy for the user to access the stock market. Because anyone trying to access something on their phone rather than a desktop is looking for quick and easy access. Below are some of the essential features of a demat account app that make it an ideal option for beginners.

  1. Mobile friendly

One of the reasons somebody is using their stock market account on their mobile phone is for quick access. So, the app must be mobile-friendly, with easy navigation to different sections of the app.  It helps with easy tracking of stocks and portfolios, and you can place trades whenever you want.

  1. Intuitive Interface

Another feature to look for in a trading app is its interface; see whether it is user-friendly. The app can include accessible navigation features, which help in a smooth trading experience. This can be one of the most essential features for a beginner trader, as he might need to learn about some terms.

  1. Variety of Products

A beginner trader might not know which trading instrument would be suitable for him or her. This is why it’s crucial to conduct in-depth research about the various options available and look for the app that has most of the products. 

  1. Privacy

Look for an app that has proper privacy features so that your data is safe. A lot of online fraud is going on, and hackers are always on the lookout for stealing information. The apps should have features like encryption and two-factor authentication. 

  1. Live Market Information

To learn anything effectively, one must keep doing it while learning. Similarly, the best way to learn about the stock market is by applying what you learn from books, podcasts, etc. One can learn about the market and its stocks by looking at the charts, indicators and market prices. Because this helps to make informed decisions ad save from potential losses.

  1. Tools for managing risk

As a beginner, one might not know which stocks or investment options are suitable for him/her and, in the beginning, might invest without proper knowledge. This is why it’s crucial to look for features that help to manage risks. Features like stop loss are one of those features that can help to have only limited loss.

  1. Resources for learning

One of the features that makes a trading app valuable for beginners is the resources that they avail for learning. Some apps do provide these resources like articles, webinars, quizzes, courses, tutorials, etc., which help to enhance stock market knowledge. 

  1. Analytical Insights

These Insights help beginners make informed decisions about their trade through the valuable insights they provide. Insights like trade history, portfolio performance, etc., help to reassess or recheck their strategy. 


Share-trading apps should have some key features to make investing easier. Things like privacy, different types of investments, an easy-to-use design, educational resources, and real-time updates all make a big difference. So, before you start investing in an app, make sure it has these features. Some decent apps with these features are Groww, IIFL, Zerodha, and Angel One. But always keep your investing goals and risk-taking ability in mind before making a choice. Do thorough research and pick the app that suits you best. 



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