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Exploring Orkhan Rzayev’s Dual Impact on Digital Marketing and Mobile Gaming


In the bustling world of digital marketing and public relations, Orkhan Rzayev has carved out a niche of remarkable influence and success. As the founder of Mediamark Digital, established in 2015 and PR to SKY, established in 2023, Rzayev has demonstrated a visionary approach to global PR and advertising services. With a broad network spanning over 300 cities worldwide, his agency offers a spectrum of services, including outdoor and magazine advertising, press release distribution, and influencer marketing, primarily through the innovative platform

Under Rzayev’s leadership, Mediamark Digital & PR to SKY has collaborated with prominent global brands such as Volkswagen, Samsung, Lay’s, and FIDE. These partnerships reflect the agency’s capacity to handle high-profile campaigns and underscore its effectiveness in delivering measurable results in the competitive digital landscape.

However, Rzayev’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop at digital marketing. In September 2017, he ventured into the gaming industry by launching Eleven Kings, a free soccer manager game. This strategic move not only diversified his business portfolio but also connected his digital expertise with his passion for football. The game gained significant attention in August 2021 when legendary footballer Ronaldinho signed on as the face of the brand. This collaboration boosted the game’s visibility and credibility, attracting a global audience and securing its place in the competitive gaming market.

Orkhan Rzayev’s journey through the realms of digital marketing and gaming reflects his deep understanding of the digital domain and his ability to leverage social media and online platforms to propel his ideas to success. His belief in the power of the internet as a transformative tool for business is evident in his achievements. He often speaks about the endless opportunities the digital world offers, emphasizing that with determination and persistence, anyone can achieve their dreams.

Despite the challenges that come with managing startups and launching new products, Rzayev has remained committed to his vision and mission. His experience in overcoming these obstacles has made him a source of inspiration and a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs. He actively shares insights from his journey on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as on his personal blog, where he motivates others with his stories of challenges and triumphs.

Orkhan Rzayev’s story is not just about the success of his enterprises but also about his impact on the digital marketing and gaming industries. As he continues to expand his ventures and explore new opportunities, his influence serves as a beacon for innovation, leadership, and the relentless pursuit of passion.

For more insights into Orkhan Rzayev’s journey and his latest projects, you can follow him on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook or visit his blog for motivating content on succeeding in the digital world.

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