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Explore the Future: Welcome to Digipolis – Powered by Unreal Engine 5



Brussels, Belgium, 13th Apr 2024 – Leveraging the latest technological advancements, Digipolis presents itself as a distinctive platform for remote business establishment and growth, offering competitive rates and a plethora of opportunities. Situated at the intersection of innovation and efficiency, Digipolis fosters seamless connectivity, advantageous commerce, and effective communication within its virtual landscape.

In an age where digital innovation reshapes our lives and work, traditional office concepts evolve rapidly. Enter Digipolis, a visionary project poised to revolutionize remote collaboration and redefine workspaces in the metaverse.

Digipolis embarks on a journey to create a groundbreaking metropolis, merging digital and physical realms. Beyond its technological prowess, Digipolis is driven by a mission to transform digital collaboration.


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Employing Unreal Engine 5, Digipolis is being meticulously crafted to deliver hyper-realistic and immersive experiences, setting new standards in the digital realm. The utilization of this cutting-edge technology ensures that users can engage in a lifelike metaverse, transcending physical limitations and opening doors to unprecedented possibilities.


At its core, Digipolis is inspired by the transformative power of virtual collaboration, witnessed firsthand by founder Stijn Vanbossuyt during his remote work experiences.

Central to Digipolis’ vision is its economic ecosystem, anchored by the exclusive $DIGI currency. Through digitokens, transactions within Digipolis ensure a secure and transparent economic environment.



Aligned with its vision of a unified digital age, Digipolis aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital realms, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact remotely. Through its innovative governance model, stakeholders have a voice in shaping the metaverse’s evolution, while the introduction of Digitokens offers a novel approach to incentivizing participation and stimulating economic activity.

Within the bustling digital ecosystem of Digipolis, the backbone of its economy lies in its native currency, digitokens ($DIGI). Every asset, product, or service within Digipolis is exclusively attainable through the utilization of digitokens, ensuring a streamlined and secure economic environment within the metropolis.


The adoption of digitokens serves as a catalyst for economic activity within Digipolis, providing a unified medium of exchange for all transactions. This unified currency simplifies tracking and managing economic activities, promoting fairness and transparency across all dealings within the metropolis.

With a democratic governance model, Digipolis empowers its community to shape its future through plot owner voting, prioritizing inclusivity and transparency.

Businesses can join Digipolis by purchasing a plot, accessing exclusive benefits, and generating passive income through plot rental or digitoken staking.


To sustain the growth and development of Digipolis, a portion of every transaction conducted within its confines is allocated as tax revenue. This tax revenue serves a dual purpose: firstly, to fuel the ongoing development and marketing initiatives of Digipolis itself, and secondly, to support smaller projects seeking to establish and expand their presence within the metropolis. Notably, a percentage of the tax revenue is dedicated to burning treasury tokens, inherently instilling a deflationary mechanism within the $DIGI ecosystem.


Transparency and inclusivity are paramount values within Digipolis, particularly concerning the allocation of tax revenue and decision-making processes. Token holders and plot owners are bestowed with the privilege of participating in voting procedures pertaining to metropolis developments and investments. This democratic approach ensures that the direction of Digipolis’s evolution resonates with the collective interests and aspirations of its diverse stakeholders.

By empowering token holders and plot owners with the ability to influence metropolis developments, Digipolis upholds principles of fairness and inclusivity. It is imperative to uphold rigorous standards of governance, ensuring that decision-making processes remain representative and reflective of the diverse tapestry of interests within the digital metropolis.


Plots within the digital metropolis of Digipolis are esteemed assets, granting access to a suite of services essential for business operations, such as smart contract development, web development, 3D development and marketing support. Available for rent, digiplots present an appealing opportunity for investors seeking passive income. With 375 genesis land plots on offer, each plot boasts unique features and amenities, adding rarity to their appeal. The location of each plot is defined by coordinates and claimable during the minting event. Plots have a base rate, additionally there is a randomized rate added to create rarity among plots. 


Digipolis also features a variety of hubs tailored for virtual events, team-building exercises, and the sale of digital merchandise. These hubs serve as focal points for users to congregate, partake in recreational activities, and foster a sense of community within the metropolis. Among these hubs, the Event Hub stands out as a prime venue for hosting interactive events powered by virtual reality technology. Equipped with resources to facilitate presentations and networking opportunities, the Event Hub provides businesses with a dynamic platform to showcase their offerings and engage with attendees. Similarly, the Game Hub offers an array of immersive mini-games for team bonding, while the Merch Hub offers branded merchandise for community members, enhancing the overall experience within Digipolis.


Digipolis implements digital offices, eliminating traditional barriers to enable seamless collaboration within a virtual space. Powered by innovations like Apple Vision Pro, coworkers can collaborate effortlessly.

As Digipolis embarks on its visionary journey, it invites pioneers to shape the future of work and collaboration. In a world of endless possibilities, Digipolis stands as a beacon of innovation.



Digipolis offers exclusive benefits through its Digiplots, providing essential services and fostering collaboration within its virtual offices. Additionally, Digihubs scattered throughout the metropolis offer interactive experiences, further enriching the community and fostering connections.

With a mission to facilitate remote collaboration, advertise projects, and host interactive events, Digipolis pioneers a new era of digital entrepreneurship. Its phased approach ensures the gradual development of infrastructure and services, culminating in a vibrant ecosystem conducive to growth and innovation.

By embracing the building blocks of technology, economy, governance, and infrastructure, Digipolis lays the foundation for a functional and dynamic metaverse. Through continuous innovation and community engagement, it aspires to be the epitome of digital excellence, inviting businesses to embark on a journey of unparalleled opportunity and growth within its virtual borders.


About project

In the midst of a burgeoning digital era, a transformative shift is underway. The emergence of the metaverse stands poised to revolutionize human interaction by seamlessly merging our physical and digital realities, transcending traditional boundaries and unlocking new frontiers for remote business development.


Digipolis represents a pioneering venture in this digital landscape, offering a dedicated metropolis where individuals can connect, access favorable service rates, promote their projects, and engage in interactive events—all from the comfort of their remote locations. As the first digital metropolis of its kind, Digipolis presents investors with lucrative opportunities to capitalize on this innovative and groundbreaking concept, positioning itself as a beacon of digital advancement and investment potential.








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Explore the Future: Welcome to Digipolis – Powered by Unreal Engine 5


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