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Experts Unveil a Guide for Promoting Equality in Entrepreneurship


DUAMENTES has announced the release of its Global Entrepreneur Equality Study report, showcasing perspectives from 200+ female entrepreneurs across 40 nations. The study highlights distinct views on male and female role models and provides insights into the impact of local influencers and family support on the paths of women entrepreneurs.

“Our non-commercial study on women entrepreneurs is focused on providing valuable insights applicable at personal, family, community, and state levels. By understanding the factors driving women in entrepreneurship, we aim to foster a more equitable environment across all spheres of society,” said Ksenia Sternina, International Managing Partner at DUAMENTES.

Findings from the study indicate that a majority of women (71%) globally consider men as their role models. In contrast, local figures make up 57% of female role models. Male role models are perceived as innovative and bold leaders, while female counterparts are seen as champions breaking stereotypes and barriers. Respondents attribute this contrast to insufficient representation in the business sphere and concerns about the visibility and credibility of local female success stories in building their ventures.

Nearly 70% of respondents resonate more with local role models than globally recognized figures. Female role models aren’t always high-profile personalities or celebrities. Family members, teachers, and like-minded entrepreneurs also serve as influential role models, inspiring others with relatable and grounded experiences. These communities not only offer support but also play crucial roles in mentorship, especially during the initial phases of business development.

New perspectives unveiled during DUAMENTES event underscore a preference for relatable role models among women, as global figures may prove discouraging. Aray Kamaliyeva, co-founder of DermaMarker and Invenire startups, said “It has always been important for me to have a role model at the local level. Comparing yourself to global leaders can create a sense that you might not be able to handle certain challenges, and that you are significantly different from them and their background. It’s even possible to lose faith in yourself and your project.”

Underlining challenges and stereotypes while emphasizing the importance of local communities is vital for women founders. This not only assists in navigating the global landscape but also strategically positions individuals to effectively overcome barriers.

Female entrepreneurs, often lacking social and financial support and facing skepticism while starting their businesses, emphasize the significance of self-belief and determination. “It’s crucial to distinguish between genuine support and tokenism. Women founders are not checkboxes for diversity; we are architects of innovation and drivers of change, especially in the industries neglected by our men-focused world,” said Elina Valeeva, CEO and co-founder at Essence App.

Experts have noted that in numerous regions, female entrepreneurship receives active promotion at the national level, as exemplified in places such as Algeria. “However, the primary challenge lies in accessing investment funds and achieving gender-equitable investment. Current studies indicate that financing remains unequal between women and men on an international scale, with the largest fundraising efforts being carried out by men,” said Amina Oultache, Creadev founder.

Despite facing obstacles, support emanates from local organizations and unrecognized female leaders, underscoring the crucial role of mentoring and empowerment in achieving remarkable accomplishments. Anum Kamran founder of ElleWays said, “To bring more local females to the global scale, we must invest in accessible education and mentorship programs that empower women to navigate the global landscape.”

Experts emphasize the vital need for the entire business community to support local female entrepreneurs actively, and stress the importance of globally showcasing their journeys to instigate a cultural shift toward entrepreneurial equality, challenging stereotypes and promoting authenticity. Katharina Wöhl says, “The foundation of bringing local females to the global scale are well-run active local communities that are inclusive and representive of the country’s demographics. Then, women active in both local and global communities must promote, elevate and actively mentor less globally integrated women to grow their skills and connect them to the right global networks to foster their continued success.”

In alignment with this vision, DUAMENTES, as a Global Alliance, disclosed the plan to develop the Equality Guide. This initiative involves collaborative efforts with inspiring leaders and partners, aiming to unite stakeholders and bridge the gap between intentions and reality.

“We are dedicated to supporting startups across 15 industries fostering their business growth with business expansion and driving innovative product development. Alongside areas of our expertise such as AI, fintech, and e-commerce, diversity holds immense importance for us.” DUAMENTES company intends to actively promote the Equality Guide within accelerators, venture funds, and governmental institutions, striving to advance the cause of entrepreneurial equality.

About DUAMENTES. DUAMENTES, headquartered in the UK, is a Global Growth & Strategy Alliance that harnesses market insights, propels sustainable scaling, and boosts revenue streams.

Contact: Ksenia Sternina, [email protected]

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