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Effective Nematicides for Controlling Root-Knot Nematodes


Root knot nematodes—a really big problem for farmers and gardeners—is a nematode species which can cause serious destruction to crops. Apically they are so small to be noticed, they penetrate plant roots and produce galls or impede the transit of water and nutrients. This disease therefore causes infected plants to show signs of stress such as bending or yellow leaves, reduced yield and small sized leaves. The consequences of this can bring irreparable damage to the overall agricultural productivity and huge economic losses.

Understanding Root-Knot Nematodes

Meloidogyne spp., scientific names for the root knot nematodes, are perhaps the most popular and the most destructive of all nematodes in the soil. These are parasitic worms which have got their own special way of life cycle so that they penetrate plant roots in order to cause the formation of galls. Root knot nematode symptoms of these blister-like cavities impedes the transport of nutrients and water besides creating conditions conducive to nematode procreation and transmission. However, the stress of the plants will reduce its growth, yield and increase its vulnerability to ailment.

Root knot nematode treatment: Nematicides as a Solution

The most common control method against root-knot nematodes is the application of nematicides that can either kill these pests directly or prevent their development. Novobac offers advanced nematicides dried in formulation to remedy this challenge. The products they manufacture, for instance Nema Pro biological nematicide and Paecilomyces lilacinum (P. lilacinum), possess high nematode controlling properties.

Root knot nematode control: Nema Pro

Nema Pro is the brand name for a specific nematicide which is aimed to control the population of the root-knot nematodes and improve the productivity of the agricultural soil. This product, specifically developed to match the specific living cycle of the nematodes, damages them in all life stages, leading to a decrease in their number and, consequently, crop damage. One of the special capacities of Nema Pro to be applied during planting or post planting. This will pave the way for the farmers to integrate Nema Pro products with their existing crop management practices. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any residue behind which is perfectly safe for all kinds of farming. Together with this trait is essential for the people who will use sustainable and environmental farming practices.

Nematode biological control agent:Purpureocillium Lilacinum

Purpureocillium Lilacinum the living organism which deals with destructive nematodes in a particular way. This type of fungus, a parasite, invades and kills nematode eggs, larvae, and adult females. The creature encircles the nematode eggs with a glue like material which when combined with exogenous metabolites and fungal chitinase break the eggshell layer. This is the way of lowering the number of nematode populations, and it is used as a natural and sustainable method of nematode management. Along with these benefits, it is turning out to be a common method of organic farming and environmentally-friendly alternative.

Application and Benefits

Payment procedures are not only as Nema Pro and Purpureocillium Lilacinum are incomparable to the other nematicides in user friendliness. Depending on their potential, they can be used in early to late crop stage development which is quite an efficient approach. The use of these products decreases in the number of nematodes which is responsible for the improvement of crop output and condition. Moreover, their nature of being suitable for organic farming and being non-toxic are the added advantages over others.


The control of root-knot nematodes using effective methods is a critical factor for the upkeep of crop health and is also an important consideration with respect to agricultural productivity. Toxic chemicals such as Nema Pro or natural enemy, Purpureocillium Lilacinum are not only practical but also safe for the environment. With the help of these products being utilized alongside the regular crop protection methodologies, farmers can provide more crop protection as well as obtain better yield performances.

For further information about Novobac’s nematicides and other crop protection products, visit their website in order to examine their wide variety of products and solutions.​ (Novobac)​.

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