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Dr. Franco – Delving Deeper into Technological Evolution in the Field of Plastic Surgery 


New York/United States– Dr. Johnny Franco, owner of Austin Plastic Surgeon in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, has always been at the forefront of plastic surgery technology and innovation. In his specialty, in his industry, if he’s not ahead of the tech curve, then his patients are not availed to the best options on the market. For Dr. Franco, that’s not an option.

“It’s crucial to stay on top of new technologies in plastic surgery because techniques, tools, various kinds of lasers and what not are always improving patient experiences, final results, reducing down time, pain and swelling, treatment time, level of invasiveness and sometimes lower treatment costs. It is very important that we know what’s being FDA approved and how these new treatments work, how they benefit our patients and open more doors for optimal treatment planning and post-care results,” said Dr. Franco.

Currently, he’s seeing excellent advancements in the fat-burning space. He and his team have been using EON laser treatment to target stubborn fat pockets on healthy patients looking to spot-treat specific areas. While he can treat any large area below the clavicle that fat frequently builds up, he sees a lot of success in the abdomen, where it was first approved to treat. In clinical trials, most people saw about a 20% – 25% fat reduction. In those same trials, 96% of the responding patients reported that they would recommend EON treatments to others.

Breast augmentation has always been one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the world. As plastic surgeons they are always exploring options to enhance their results for their patients. One of the newest technologies in breast implant surgery is creating this internal bra by use of a soft tissue support mesh. This support sling is made of the same material they use for the sutures that they use during surgery and dissolve over the next year. The concept is that the “internal bra” created by this support allows the implant to stay in the perfect position without relying on the skin to hold the implant into place. Once the pocket for the breast implant has had time to heal, the soft tissue support mesh dissolves so there is no residual material left in the breast over time. The soft tissue support is most commonly used around breast implants, however it can also be used to create an internal bra for breast reductions and breast lifts.

“I’m seeing the popularity of these different special support devices rise because people don’t want to get a secondary procedure down the road. There’s been a big push recently where our goal is not just to have a look and feel of natural breasts, but also maintain those satisfying results for a longer period of time,” said Franco.

This soft tissue support technology isn’t a replacement or exchange for the new silicone implants, which people refer to as ‘gummy bear’ or highly cohesive gel implants, which is still very popular and effective. He doesn’t see those options going away because implants consistently give people such a good appearance in terms of being full, but still natural and soft. The true benefit is the combination of both of these medical advances.

“With these soft tissue support mesh devices, the idea is that they’re going to help take the weight off of the breast in supporting those new gummy bear implants. The concept is to give patients a natural, full gorgeous appearance that is going to last over time. These combination treatments are truly exciting advancements for plastics surgeons and patient,” said Dr. Franco.

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