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Diablo 4: How To Create A Flurry Trapper Rogue Endgame Build? – Level 50+


Here I show you my Poison Trap, Flurry Trapper Rogue Build in Diablo 4. This is a level 50 Rogue build for World Tier 3.

It uses Poison and Trap exclusively, while mixing a portion of Frost. Of course, Frost part is optional, depending on what equipment you have and what Aspects you have. But I will tell you how to use it with Frost to get the best results and most Diablo 4 Gold.

Flurry Trapper Skills

So first let’s talk about the core skill we’re using for this build, Flurry. This is an incredible Cutthroat ability that hits the front of you four times quickly in a cone. If you run into Crowd Control enemies or Vulnerable enemies, you want to hit those enemies as much as possible to drop more Diablo 4 ltems.

Also, we have an upgrade here. This way, if you hit a Vulnerable enemy with Flurry, any other enemies hit will also become Vulnerable.

Therefore, you need to be very focused on exploits, you want to make sure you’re always attacking Vulnerable enemies. Spreading this Vulnerable status effect will make enemies take more damage from you if possible.

Legendary Aspects

We’ve done a Vulnerability playstyle to support this build. Because we are using Vengeful Aspect. This makes it up to 48% more likely to hit Vulnerable enemies, while increasing your critical chance by 3%, up to 9%. This will help improve your damage.

Another thing is Reinforced. This is Grasp of Shadow Unique Glove. This makes damage dealt to Vulnerable enemies up to 30% with Mark Spinner growth skill. When you buy Diablo 4 Gold to greatly increase your damage, you’ll periodically get an extra Flurry from it.

Aspect Of Encircling Blades

We also have Aspect of Encircling Blades. This makes it so that instead of just hitting enemies in front of you, it hits everything around you in 360 degrees, and also increases the damage you do. That’s very good for this build. Because it means you can get into a group of enemies and you’ll hit everything around them.

We’ve also incorporated Malice passive, which further increases our damage against Vulnerable enemies. And we put a lot of D4 Gold in Paragon to increase our Vulnerable damage.

Aspect Of Cruel Sustenance

Before you start rushing into Diablo 4 towns, you want to set your Vulnerable status effect. Apparently, a good portion of this build can go into the middle of the enemy. This way, you can use Flurry to attack everything around you.

The best way to do this is to get their attention. Then tap Concealment skill, which puts you in Stealth for four seconds. It will make you unstoppable and move faster.

Since we put enough Diablo 4 Gold into Subverting Stealth upgrade, the skills you use can break Stealth. Because once you use a skill. It breaks Stealth status, and it makes anything it hits Vulnerable.

So when you use Flurry, everything around you becomes Vulnerable, which means they take more damage from you. If you want to pursue higher damage, perhaps the Boosting service is the best shortcut. It can help you level up quickly and increase your damage.

Lucky Hit has a 30% chance to cause Vulnerable enemies to explode, dealing 23 raw damage to them and nearby enemies. Because Flurry makes everything Vulnerable again when it hits. As long as you attack quickly, all these explosions happen and you heal yourself. It’s Aspect of Cruel Sustenance that makes it happen.

You’ll be healing yourself constantly, which really allows you to survive from Flurry. Regardless, you’re pretty hard to kill in Diablo 4. Because you have ongoing treatment. So the best you can do is stay in the enemy group and keep spamming the mess.

Cheat’s Aspect

The other is Cheat’s Aspect. This way you take less damage from enemies that are Crowd Controlled. And mitigates direct damage to you when you’re hit by Crowd Control’s enemies. You also get higher movement speed, which is a big part of this build.

Aspect Of Noxious Ice

I also took Aspect of Noxious Ice. This way, when you do poison damage with poison and ram into shield enemies, they will cool down faster. And they also take extra poison damage from your frozen enemies. What’s more, not only are you safe, they also take more damage from your poison.


Which brings me to the next part of this build, actually Tracker part. You might be wondering why this is a Trapper building. Why is there no mention of Trap part of our Poison Trap in the build?

Actually, that’s not really what makes this Trapper build have Infiltrator’s Aspect. Because when you are in Stealth state, when you use up to four Poison Trap. It’s like your Trap is running out and you just hit everything with an explosion.

So they are Crowd Control’s and will take extra damage from Vulnerable and Crowd Control. So anytime you see a group of deadly enemies, you’ll want to drop your Trap, pop your poison and hit Stealth, and they’ll be completely destroyed.

If you haven’t already, start spamming Trap as soon as it closes, then tap it again. That way, not only will you encounter extra Trap, but your Shadow Clone will also do extra damage.

In order to do this, we have a lot of movement speed in this build. This allows you to move around quickly, position quickly, and dodge Rogue-style combat. So that’s a big part of this build as well.

Flurry Trapper Equipment

If you can deal Vulnerable damage, that’s the best counter to Crowd Control damage. Since this does close-range damage to Vulnerable enemies, you can take them down pretty quickly this way. So all close range weapons are a good fit for this build.

If possible, you want to pay attention to those areas that will be damaged over time. This is the point of the build. You can also put Amethyst into your weapon to increase damage over time.

Final Tips

This concludes my Flurry Trapper Rogue Build. I hope you guys found it interesting. We’ve gotten to the point where we’re getting close to Diablo 4 World Tier 4, and certain uniqueness is changing builds.

I definitely want you to know that you can play this build without those uniques. Although when we get to World Tier 4, we will obviously have a lot more professional builds, but it will still give you a different gaming experience.

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