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Democratizing Interior Design: Homilo’s Mission to Make Beautiful Homes Accessible


In an age when digital innovation makes the remarkable seem ordinary, Homilo stands out by championing a mission that’s as profound as it is simple: democratizing the world of interior design. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Farzam Chakherlouy, Homilo was created with the belief that everyone, everywhere deserves a beautiful home. This guiding principle has propelled Homilo to break down barriers, making high-quality interior design services accessible and affordable, and challenging the status quo of an industry once reserved for a select few.

The seeds of Homilo were sown in the summer of 2015, born out of Farzam’s vision to bridge the gap between professional interior design and the average homeowner. The journey wasn’t without its challenges. Juggling the demands of his first company and personal life, it took a few years for Farzam to bring Homilo to fruition. However, the idea never dimmed, and eventually, Homilo began transforming spaces and lives, one design at a time.

Service Offering and Unique Approach:

Homilo stands apart in the burgeoning field of online interior design by committing to real, experienced designers rather than relying on artificial intelligence. Farzam believes that the essence of a home transcends algorithms, requiring the nuanced touch, empathy, and creative intuition that only human designers can offer. Homilo’s services are characterized by:

Personalized design solutions that reflect each client’s unique story and lifestyle.

An emphasis on sustainability, offering eco-friendly and budget-conscious options.

A streamlined process that balances swift delivery with meticulous attention to quality.

Insights from the Founder (Extended Interview Excerpts):

In a detailed conversation, Farzam shared insights into Homilo’s journey and ethos. He highlighted the initial challenges and the eventual triumph in bringing Homilo’s vision to fruition. “Our journey was about more than just starting a business; it was about igniting a movement in the interior design world,” Farzam explained. He elaborated on the crucial role of human designers in Homilo’s model, the importance of making design services cost-effective, and the company’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Client Success Stories:

Homilo’s impact is best illustrated through its client success stories. Farzam shared an anecdote about a client who needed an eco-friendly, budget-friendly design for a challenging space. Homilo’s team crafted a solution that was not only visually stunning but also environmentally responsible, reflecting the client’s values and enhancing their living experience.

Future Vision and Invitation:

Looking ahead, Homilo is committed to expanding its reach and continuing to innovate in the field of online interior design. “Our vision is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to live in a space that brings them joy and comfort. We invite you to join us on this journey,” Farzam encouraged potential clients.

About Homilo:

Homilo is a leading online interior design platform that combines creativity, technology, and sustainability to deliver personalized and eco-friendly design solutions. With a team of experienced designers, Homilo strives to create homes that reflect individual styles while minimizing environmental impact.

Contact Information:

Justina Zlibine, Project Coordinator

Homilo Interior Design


Email: justina@homilocom

City: Vilnius, Lithuania

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