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Deepwrk Launches a Digital Platform Helping Adults with ADHD to Get Things Done


London, United Kingdom, 15th June 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Deepwrk is thrilled to announce the launch of a digital platform, designed specifically for the neurodivergent community. The digital health platform integrates peer support and gamification to help people with ADHD improve focus, achieve more, and live better.

Deepwrk connects adults for one-hour focus sessions, where they work together, motivate each other, and hold each other accountable. It combines gamification rooted in behavioural science with a sense of community to make even the most challenging and tedious tasks more enjoyable and easier to complete. It’s a safe, non-judgmental space where the neurodivergent community can feel supported, connected, and understood.

Deepwrk’s deep focus sessions aim to enhance productivity significantly, allowing those with ADHD to achieve more in just two days than they might typically accomplish in an entire week. These sessions provide encouragement and accountability, free from the pressure, judgment, or conversation distractions often found in the office.

During these “body doubling” focus sessions, members join a small group where they share goals, work on their individual tasks (in silence), and, in the end, check in to discuss progress.Body doubling provides gentle social accountability and helps people with ADHD feel more productive, energised, and efficient.

The deep focus sessions serve as an anchor that helps avoid distractions, boost motivation, and maintain focus. It’s an additional dopamine boost, allowing members to start and complete complex or tedious tasks which they might otherwise avoid and delay.

Deepwrk also rewards consistency and incentivises task completion with badges, challenges, and milestones.

“Today, Deepwrk is fighting against the unbalanced work-life divide for the neurodivergent community, who often find themselves isolated, stressed, and burned without any support. We are building an online community of supportive Deepwrkers, buzzing full of neurodivergent brilliance. A safe space where everyone feels connected, seen, and understood in a supportive and kind environment that makes you feel awesome,” – Valeri Gervaziev, founder and CEO of Deepwrk.

The platform aims to boost productivity, enabling members to complete tasks in half the time they usually take. The supportive community atmosphere fosters personal growth and provides a space where users can be open about their ADHD. Additionally, Deepwrk promotes a sense of accomplishment, helping users complete tasks they ordinarily ignore or postpone for long periods, all while knowing that others are working alongside them.

To get started, sign up for an account and try a complimentary session at

Find your flow with Deepwrk.

Valeri Gervaziev

Deepwrk Founder and CEO

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