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Data Encryption: The Importance of Internet Privacy


Vilnius, Lithuania, 18th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Although the internet is responsible for many great opportunities, it’s also a dangerous place where our privacy and security can turn against us. Browsing the web creates a satisfying feeling of being alone in your world without anyone bothering you.

However, even if you think you’re browsing in your privacy, that’s hardly the case. Big data is an essential part of the business for many companies, and they’ll always gain large profits when in possession of large quantities of information.

While these companies gather this data legally, many hackers would look for a way to intercept or breach databases to get your sensitive information and use them for their gain. Internet safety and security requires assistance from third-party services to prevent such things from happening.

Here are a few facts about data encryption on how it helps you maintain a high level of anonymity while performing actions on the internet.

What is data?

Data is a broad term meaning many things. Data could be something as simple as a text message to complex information about you, your actions, and your personal preferences. Every action you make while browsing the internet stores in different locations like big data collection centers through node computers.

This data tells you things that even you might not know about yourself, but it’s valuable to marketing companies for advertisement targeting. Marketing companies are only one example of why data is so valuable, but the list could go on.

Because hackers would do anything to get their hands on big data, it became virtual gold to use it and gain profits.

Data encryption

Data encryption is a method that scrambles data, making it unreadable to third-party users and hackers. To read this data, anyone would have to have a key code that would unscramble it, assigned only to you while performing actions. 

Many modern solutions take advantage of cryptography. For one, many instant messaging apps now offer end-to-end encryption to protect their users’ interactions. Virtual Private Networks also heavily rely on encryption. After all, their main purpose is to encrypt users’ internet traffic and conceal their real IP addresses. Thus, a free VPN is a great solution for beginning your journey to a more private digital lifestyle. It helps you get comfortable and realize how seamless cryptographic solutions can be. 

If you’re a business owner and you want to keep your business data safe when circling the traffic online. In that case, data encryption allows you to perform actions unreadable to anyone or anything. Also, if you’re a common Joe browning the internet, it will keep you safe from targeted marketing and spying.

How it works

As mentioned above, encrypting data means scrambling its readability by making it an unrecognizable format. A basic version of data encryption is by securing your static data on your devices. Without an encryption key, no one could access the information.

If you’re spending a lot of time on the internet and you want your data to remain safe, using available cryptography solutions would add a layer of protection. However, if you want a stronger protection layer to protect your online business, you should invest in sophisticated internet protocols to prevent hackers from breaching the actions you take.

It’s mandatory in some industries

While data encryption might be a choice for you, some industries such as health care are obliged to use it. Because health care institutions have a vast amount of sensitive data on their patients and clients, they face penalties if their internet protocols are not in compliance.

Because of the ways in which hackers use the latest technology to breach networks, it’s hard to keep up with the pace of internet safety and security.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health care institutions to ensure they use correct internet safety and security protocols to keep all their online data as safe as possible.

Other industries like the retail business work under Fair Credit Practices Act (FCPA) to encrypt all transactions and traffic on their server.

All serious institutions and businesses will ensure their users have all safety and security measures when connecting on their servers, and you can feel comfortable using them.


While we take our safety and security on the internet for granted, many hackers can’t wait for the opportunity to exploit it. Data encryption keeps you safe while performing actions on the internet and allows you to stay anonymous.

If you still don’t use any of the internet safety and security protocols, you should consider investing in your online safety. Having an extra layer of protection could only benefit you and make you feel confident visiting any website or service.

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