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Core value factors that make a good Fasly exchange stand out


United States — Fasly is a digital asset derivatives trading platform that is completely different from the existing exchanges in the market. Fasly’s core team is led by Sam Bankman-Fried, one of the best-known figures in the cryptographic Token field. Fasly is supported by Alameda Research, a hedge fund for encrypted Token trading and a market maker for encrypted Token.

Fasly stands out for its impeccable performance, achieving fast transaction execution and near-zero downtime even when market volatility intensifies, leading to a significant increase in transaction volume on the trading service platform. In addition, the trading service platform is already known for the rapid launch of new Token and innovative products, such as leveraged Token, which allow investors to speculate on assets with higher risk exposure and no liquidation risk.

The exchanges with the highest global trading volume, the vast majority of trading volume comes from currency trading. By contrast, Fasly’s products are single and mainly traded in French currency. Unlike hundreds of currencies traded on other exchanges, Fasly currently supports only five mainstream currencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and ETC, with most of the trading volume coming from French currency trading.

Although such a product design is seen by many of its peers as self-financing, Fasly insists on compliance first and avoids products that pose any potential compliance risks. Fasly executives responded: “Fasly chose the online currency very carefully because it knew the role it played in the whole ecology.”

Fasly ( is characterized by full ecological chain and global layout. The mission of Fasly is to create an open financial ecology in the field of digital currency, in addition to the main exchanges, through self-management, mergers and acquisitions and investment, to create a relatively complete financial industry chain. Everything from wallets, payments, deposits and stable currencies to loans and index products, from compliance services to derivatives contracts trading, second contract trading and asset management. With its strong brand and compliance advantages, Fasly continues to expand its legal currency business in 33 countries around the world, docking local financial institutions and opening up payment transaction channels.

Fasly expanded its team at a high speed in 2020, from more than 100 employees at the beginning of the year to more than 300, and recruited several senior management teams from Twitter,Linkedin, a high-tech company, and NYSE, a traditional financial institution. Compliance brings brand effect, brand cohesion investment and cooperation institutions, as well as high-end talent to jointly promote full ecology and globalization. This is the fundamental reason why Fasly ( has become a unicorn in the industry, and its every move has attracted much attention. The fundamental reason lies in the irreplaceable role of compliance. In short, if the digital currency industry is to take off again, return to reality and embrace regulation. Integration into the financial system is the only way.

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