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CCTip Is Now Cwallet, The only multi-functional crypto wallet people need.


China, 16th Sep 2022, Quoting words on marble from John C. Maxwell, “Change is Inevitable, but growth is optional.”

As part of the ongoing development of our company’s identity, we are delighted to announce the change of our logo and brand name from CCTip to Cwallet. This CHANGE isn’t bland, but one involving genuine GROWTH in line with our vision of conforming with future-changing Web 3.0 reality and decentralized technology. As a result, our team has focused on expanding the brand to empower Web3 followers, developers, businesses, and users.

Over the past 4 years, our company has attained significant heights as the “CCTip” brand, introducing novel approaches to managing and interacting with cryptocurrency; however, with the impending migration of the internet protocol to the decentralized Web, we realized the need for a transformation. Keeping this vision in mind, it is with great pride and delight that we introduce our brand-new name – Cwallet.

We have reformed our entire brand and logo to better represent who we are now and what we hope to become in the future. Indeed, we’ve grown, but we’re still the same dedicated group aiming to continually provide our loyal community with commitment and exceptional value as we gradually expand our services to the magnificently fascinating Web3 World.

We carefully underwent a thorough process of designing a new logo that represents a more contemporary image of who we are and our goal of establishing Cwallet, without losing touch of aesthetical attraction. We carefully considered our options before settling on a new logo representing a more contemporary aesthetic. As a result, Cwallet (previously CCTIP) is not just a tip tool but a complete multi-functional crypto wallet to cater to all crypto needs for business projects or individuals alike.

Our solution-driven team realized that people needed concise crypto tools that could serve all needs in a single platform. Users desire ease: hence, they want a single wallet service that supports multi-currencies, enables sales and purchases, holding/swapping, provides live price charts and offers additional tools like tips, airdrops, and giveaways to grow their community while giving competitive ways for creators to monetize and grow the subscribers. Users also want this single platform to work seamlessly with social platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Discord, etc., to help with crypto payments in day-to-day life and enable crypto games and other fun activities.

In all, the target is to build a wholesome service that is easy to use by newbies or pros, individuals, or businesses, solving all problems within a single app and helping to bridge the gap between Web2.0 and Web 3.0. Keeping all this in mind, we decided it was time for CCTIP to evolve and grow into Cwallet, a multi-functional crypto tool of the future!

Cwallet is a one-of-a-kind, combined custodial & non-custodial crypto wallet. It is an integrated on-chain & off-chain wallet that provides you security, convenience, and flexibility to manage and trade 800+ crypto assets in one place.

More than being just a crypto wallet where users can send & receive, buy & sell, or hold & swap, the Cwallet fulfills complex crypto needs of individuals or businesses through various tools such as the tip code, airdrop game, giveaway tool, mobile refills, bulk payment, request invoice, payment button, etc. The service also has bots integrated for social communities like Telegram, Twitter, and Discord, enabling user ease; hence, with simple messages and tweets, users can easily manage their crypto wallets on the go!

The Cwallet toolbox, “CCTools,” offers multiple ranges of tools for your crypto journey, all in one place. Regardless of your reason for choosing to use cryptocurrency, CCTools is there to satisfy your needs, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an expert. Also, several businesses, especially content creators, project owners, and even corporate organizations, can manage their crypto assets better with CCTools.

In essence, CCTools simplify all your crypto needs by offering all tools in a single box; hence, whenever you have a problem, there is a tool waiting in the box to serve your needs and offer you instant solutions.

Below are a few of the many tools provided by Cwallet in CC Tools:
Cwallet Tip Box: Cwallet allows users to accept cryptocurrency tips without fees, commissions, or charges. As a social media influencer, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, or content creator, you can easily get tipped with cryptocurrency from your fans and followers anywhere in the world. Freelancers, as well as E-commerce and physical businesses, can also use the Cwallet TipBox to receive tips from customers at the Point of Sale (POS). All crypto funds received are automatically credited into your Cwallet without deducting any fees.

Of course, it’s as easy as one, two, three. Your customers, followers, or fans needn’t enter addresses manually; instead, they can quickly scan your unique Tip Code, whether as a QR code, button, image, or link. The best part? The Cwallet Tip box is compatible with all platforms; hence, your audience can scan your code from any external wallet without hassles, anywhere and anytime, safely and without any charges. For more details, click here.

CC Bots: What’s more fun than having a specialized bot that automates your crypto activities instantaneously? The CC Bot tool enables all Cwallet users to create an exclusive and customized bot that can carry out all activities, including tipping, swapping, sending, receiving, etc., without requiring you to write a line of code. Instead, all you need to do is input command instructions within Twitter, Telegram, or Discord, and the bot will carry out instructions to the letter.

Hence, with the CC Bot, you can quickly transfer assets, set up tips and airdrops, or even automate a giveaway process while building a strong community. Setting up the CC Bot is pretty easy; within a few minutes, you can set all parameters, and everyone else can activate CC Bot functions within seconds. Sounds interesting? Click here for more information.

CC Swap: CC Swap allows you to convert a crypto asset to another within the Cwallet for free; this means that swapping crypto assets via the CC Swap tool comes at no extra cost to you; instead, Cwallet receives a commission from the Exchange API. As a result, there are no additional costs; what you see is what you get.

The CC Swap tool has access to 11 Decentralized Exchange; hence, with its unique automated aggregator, it helps you select the swap option with the cheapest fee, such that you incur as few expenses as possible. Generally, the exchange fees (included in the swap rate you see) are usually the best in the market, ranging from 0.1 to 0.3%. 

CC Giveaway: CC Giveaway tool enables users to automate giveaways and facilitate better community building. With the CC Giveaway tool, you can organize contests among your community members easily. The Giveaway tool automatically verifies tasks to ensure no one is cheating, and all entries are subject to a random draw via a provably fair outcome. Nobody, not even us at Cwallet, can rig the giveaway process. It has a provably appropriate algorithm, and all rewards are shared fairly from start to finish.

Giveaways can help you drive engagements and traffic to your community page and grow your business while rewarding existing and new community members. So, if you need a growth tool to make your community stand out with happy users, the CC Giveaway is your best bet for organizing exciting contests, sweepstakes & fair competitions! See details.

Mobile Top-Up with CC Mobile Refill: No need to withdraw crypto or spend fiat to credit your phone; with the CC Mobile Refill tool, you can easily top up your prepaid mobile phones with 380+ cryptocurrencies 100+ carriers from over 40 countries worldwide. With a few clicks within the Cwallet, you can instantly top up your mobile operator for free.

CC Bulk Payment: CC Bulk Payment makes it easy for individuals and corporations to carry out multiple crypto transactions quickly and easily. With the CC Bulk Payment tool, you can quickly pay salaries with cryptocurrencies or create a spreadsheet for recurring payments and make those payments in three clicks.

That’s not all; Cwallet has more exciting features that make it a one-stop shop for all your crypto activities and transactions.
In light of this Update, kindly look out for our new brand name, “Cwallet,” in all our future communications, including official email ids and domains.

In our endeavor to keep on improving and evolving the brand, we would like to share our upcoming plan. We will soon be launching a non-custodial version of the Cwallet, where you can have full control of your private keys. As a result, you can connect with your favorite Web 3.0 dApps, connect to NFT marketplaces, and send and receive cryptocurrency anonymously without requiring an email address or username. Watch out.

We are also pleased to introduce our new website, which will enable us to better express ourselves and offer you, our users, a clear image of our tools/ services, which can be utilized by everyone. Our goal is to create a service that can easily be used by everyone, from newbie individuals to veterans, as well as established projects and businesses. Anyone and everyone can operate Cwallet for their daily crypto needs or strategic marketing growth plans with ease.

DISCLAIMER: Transitional periods like these are usually delicate, and tricksters always look for a way to prey on users’ trust for a brand to scam them. Hence, we urge you to be vigilant and not to share any sensitive detail with any individual. Furthermore, please note that official Cwallet employees and team WILL NEVER ask you to share any funds, passwords, or other sensitive information.

Also, be wary of scammers that may approach you from seemingly official Cwallet Telegram usernames and Twitter handles offering to sell you bot services for a cost. WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THEM! Our services are absolutely free and accessible for all Cwallet members; all you have to do is sign up.

Once again, the entire Cwallet team would like to thank you for your continued and unwavering trust in us, which helps us improve every day and evolve. We aim to provide you with the best service.

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