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Bored Apes 3D Models: A Game-Changer for the Metaverse and NFT Industry


In 2022, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) made waves with an ambitious announcement: they were preparing 3D models for each of their Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs. Gargamel, a key figure within the club, shared the news on the Discord Announcement section in February of that year, promising that “every single Bored Ape and Mutant ape will receive a free, fully rendered and rigged 3D model that they can use in the metaverse.”

Fast forward more than two years, and the BAYC has delivered on that promise. By providing holders with 3D models of their beloved apes, the club has unlocked a realm of creative possibilities. Holders can now download and import these files into programs like Blender, where they can breathe life into their digital assets in ways never before imagined.

But why is this significant for Bored Apes? Firstly, it adds a new layer of utility to their PFP NFTs, transforming them from static images into dynamic characters. This not only enhances the appeal of the apes but also amplifies their popularity among collectors and enthusiasts.

Moreover, the provision of 3D files ensures a standardized level of quality, allowing holders to use the original designs across various platforms and environments. Additionally, it opens doors for apes to venture into different virtual worlds and Metaverses, fostering community engagement and strengthening the overall brand power of Bored Ape Yacht Club.

So how does this revolutionize the NFT industry? Bored Apes, often hailed as pioneers in the NFT space, have set a precedent for other projects to follow suit. As more projects provide 3D files, it ignites the creation of diverse content and drives adoption, ultimately propelling the growth of the web3 industry.

But what about the Metaverse? This trend benefits Metaverses immensely, as users are incentivized to immerse themselves in these virtual realms with their own PFP NFT avatars. This enriches the user experience and attracts industry leaders with high-value assets, further solidifying the status of Metaverses as hubs of digital interaction.

Moreover, new NFT projects must establish a presence in Metaverses to engage with their community and cultivate brand awareness. This signals a paradigm shift in how brands and communities interact within virtual spaces, paving the way for innovative forms of engagement and monetization.

Enter Metafluence — a platform uniquely positioned to capitalize on this transformative trend. With its hyperrealistic environment built on Unreal Engine, Metafluence provides an unparalleled canvas for NFT holders to showcase their assets in all their glory. Special turnkey virtual spaces, known as Metahuts, offer holders and projects the opportunity to host events, engage with their audience, and generate revenue.

What sets Metafluence apart? Its web3-based infrastructure ensures transparency in growing popularity and revenue, providing an equitable playing field for all participants. Moreover, its innovative “Influence to Earn” model incentivizes influencers to engage with the platform actively, further fueling growth and adoption.

In conclusion, Bored Apes’ venture into the realm of 3D files marks a seismic shift in the NFT industry and the Metaverse as a whole. As this trend gains momentum, platforms like Metafluence are primed to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for immersive digital experiences, heralding a new era of creativity, community, and collaboration.

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