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Blue Royal Investments Review–The right trading platform for you?


London, UK–The modern world has seen a surge in individuals wanting to opt into the trading business to contribute more to the development of the world’s economy and to have a secondary source of income. Before the internet was set up in the late 1990s, ordinary folk made their investment calls via brokerage firms. This proved to be a difficult task as a lot of these firms were more oriented toward making profits rather than supporting the options chosen by the individual traders. They never allowed new traders to participate in trading practices which not just slowed down the world’s economy but also resulted in a lot of people not knowing what their investments were being used for.

Then came the internet which revolutionized the financial markets with millions of people signing up to go online. A system that developed on the internet’s infrastructure came to be known as the online trading system. The markets saw the need for quick and easy access to assets from different regions of the world which is why major investment firms rallied together and modified the market to run on digitized representations of real-world assets. The entire system is based on complex technology. The only thing you need to know is that it allowed for transactions to occur in real-time and from anywhere in the world.

A step further came in the form of online trading platforms that completely changed the entire concept of trading. At a time when even digitization of assets was held by a monopoly of few investment firms, an open market-based investment tool such as online trading platforms was a breath of fresh air. These online trading platforms allowed users to utilize their resources and their connections to choose whatever they want to do with their capital. There were no restrictions based on the user’s experience level.

Making a decision

Now there are a lot of trading platforms available for use on the internet. The basic features are all the same. They all provide some number of assets to be traded on the open markets without having to go through financial firms which do not operate in the favor of individual traders. I scoured the internet for a reliable trading platform. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of platforms that have taken advantage of users, and only a handful of them was even categorized as good trading platforms. I found my match in Blue Royal Investments after going through the trouble of testing out a little over a dozen trading platforms.

This review is aimed at those who are just beginners in the trading space and have little to no experience. Not all people have the required resources to go about testing different trading platforms to see if they’re as good as they claim to be. My search has paid off and I intend on passing on my knowledge in the form of this  Blue Royal Investments review. I had considered many other good trading platforms as well but out of all of them, this was the one that truly caught my attention. Its remarkable use of optimization tools paired with rigorous security systems is what sold it to me. I hope that this review will help many new traders adapt to the world of trading whether they choose this platform.

Things to look out for

An online trading platform is much different from a traditional trading firm. For one, it uses a completely independent system of approach where users are only recommended the options available. There are no restrictions. So when looking for a good online trading platform, here are a few things that I looked out for when I was searching for the platform that suited me best.

  • Transaction capabilities
  • Educational material
  • System-wide accessibility
  • Assets distribution

Transaction capabilities

An online trading platform deals with digitized assets so the returns on investments are also in the form of digitized money. Under normal circumstances, one transaction system would more than suffice for a new trader. However, these transaction systems are independent companies that could announce a maintenance duration in the middle of a trading bid. Therefore it is good practice for trustworthy trading platforms to offer 2 or more transaction systems for their users in the event of an unlikely maintenance announcement. These types of events are very rare but do occur. I for one had an amazing day in the open markets when other traders using a different trading platform weren’t able to participate in trading since their trading platforms offered only one transaction system. The existence of 3 transaction systems on Blue Royal Investments allowed me to have one of the best days of my trading career. This is one of the reasons why I chose to stay with Blue Royal Investments as they have thought about potential downturns from external effects and have put contingencies in place to ensure that the end-user is not affected by external events.

Educational Material

Beginners aren’t exactly known for their experience in trading in the open market. The open market can be overwhelming, to say the least. Billions of dollars worth of bids are made in a single second on thousands of assets. So the stakes are high and going in blind is the biggest mistake a person can make when it comes to online trading.

I was new to online trading so when I found that the platform had an entire section devoted to educating its users on how to interact with the tools and assets available on the platform, I was hooked and why I am writing this Blue Royal Investments review. It took some time to go through the material but it was worth it. Within a couple of days, I felt like I was a professional trader making bids left and right without worrying about a thing.

System-wide accessibility

One thing I found in other trading platforms was that when accessed in different regions, users were sometimes restricted from full system control over their accounts. This can hurt a trader’s ability to place bids while on business trips.

Complete access is essential for day traders as it represents complete control over all available assets. I found this the hard way when I had to go on a trip related to work while I was testing out a different trading platform. A few of my assets weren’t available in the region I was from which was surprising to me because the very reason for the existence of online trading platforms was so that people can trade from wherever they wanted and whenever they wanted. These types of restrictions break careers and I was not a fan of this drawback.

In this Blue Royal Investments review, you will see how it counters this issue by simply placing its access servers in financial hubs around the world. This way people can access their complete account capabilities and place their bids as they wish. I used to think that this feature was more of a gimmick rather than an advantage. However, after seeing a few of my colleagues suffer losses because they were restricted from their accounts on different trading platforms, I was able to comprehend its importance.

Assets Distribution

An asset is the fundamental component of a trading platform. Without good quality assets, a trading platform is a glorified banking app. Assets have been growing in numbers in recent years as more and more companies introduce their products and services.

Today the biggest market is in crypto. Cryptocurrencies are shattering records with more people trading in crypto than any other asset in the world. Crypto represents market freedom as it is independent of any central control and cannot be forced out. However, for some reason, a lot of trading platforms have limited their use of cryptocurrencies to only a few. This has caused a lot of their users to miss out on trading bids for other cryptos.

Blue Royal Investments on the other hand has been prioritizing crypto as it is the one asset that all of its users seem to be interested in. The platform has already updated its crypto portfolio to include more cryptocurrencies.

Room for Improvement

The idea of an all-in-one platform seems a bit far-fetched because it is. No one platform fits the needs of every single trader out there. In the case of Blue Royal Investments, the main drawback is its language system. While the platform does support multi-lingual systems for users from different regions, it needs to expand on this and include a wider array of languages. This way users from different countries can access and use the platform with ease.


This Blue Royal Investments review does not say that the platform is perfect. It has its flaws but for me the advantages far out way them. The drawbacks that do exist are easy to fix and I believe that the platform will get around to them soon. I’m not outright saying that users must sign up for this specific platform. This review is designed to be a guide as to what to look for in a trustworthy trading platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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