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Blockchain-based global medical platform MEDIEUS has signed a MOU with FineEdu


MEDIEUS, a blockchain-based global medical platform represented by Park Bo-hyun, announced on March 29 that it had signed a business cooperation memorandum with FineEdu Co., Ltd., a specialized company in online education represented by Jung Moon-gyu, to provide educational services for medical institutions.

MEDIEUS, a blockchain-based medical social networking platform where patients share their medical service experiences, establishes a reputation system for medical institutions and healthcare professionals based on shared experiences and provides a one-stop service for patients from hospital and doctor searches, recommendations to reservations.

FineEdu is a remote training commissioned education institution authorized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, and the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled. It provides online legal mandatory education and meets all legal requirements as a remote training commissioned education institution, serving numerous companies with over 10 domestic branches and providing education to more than 10,000 employees of hundreds of workplaces monthly.

Through the partnership with FineEdu, MEDIEUS plans to offer online education not only for the legal mandatory education required by medical institutions but also for job training. Medical institutions completing the education will be rewarded with MDUS coins to activate the ecosystem.

Furthermore, MEDIEUS plans to expand its business from consumer-centered services such as financial services and real estate services on top of education through the platform to specialized services for medical institutions and healthcare professionals in the future.

Those interested in more about MDUS can visit these links:

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