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BitForex: Charting a New Course in the Crypto Landscape with Joseon


Hong Kong, May 19, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, In a move that speaks volumes about its commitment to innovation and progress, BitForex, a global exchange titan, is setting up a division in Joseon, the first legally recognized cyber nation-state. This move is a testament to BitForex’s spirit and its readiness to embrace the future.

BitForex, with its reputation for pushing the envelope in the crypto sphere, is once again demonstrating its knack for staying ahead of the curve. “We’re not just expanding our operations into Joseon,” said Jason Luo, CEO of BitForex. “We’re setting a precedent, we’re charting a new course in the crypto landscape. It’s about transforming challenges into stepping stones to success.”

Joseon, with its unique approach to blockchain technology and its commitment to fostering an environment that nurtures innovation, is an ideal partner for BitForex. It’s a place where the spirit of progress meets the future of crypto, a place where businesses can thrive without being hampered by outdated regulations.

Luo continued, “BitForex is leading the way in this crypto revolution, setting the pace for others to follow. This move is not just about BitForex joining the ranks of companies in Joseon, it’s about BitForex leading the charge into the future of crypto.”

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About BitForex:

BitForex is a global exchange that’s always on the move. With a footprint in 186 countries, BitForex is committed to bringing the best of crypto to every corner of the globe. BitForex believes in complete ownership of its branches, ensuring that its high standards are maintained wherever it goes. BitForex is not just about staying ahead of the curve, it’s about defining the curve.

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