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Are you planning to install an FRP wall panel? Find out how relevant they are in 2024


Are you searching for a wall paneling solution that fits your requirements and budget? While the FRP suppliers will motivate you to opt for an FRP panel, you must first find out whether it is a relevant option in the 2024 scenario. For years, designers have trusted FRP panels for interior wall paneling for both commercial and residential spaces. However, the drawbacks associated with these panels cannot be ignored any longer, and the search for a compatible alternative began.

With the introduction of PVC panels as a trustworthy wall paneling solution, FRP panels are now being widely replaced. PVC panels offer everything that FRP panels cannot and more, making for a reliable alternative. FRP panels come with certain disadvantages that end up making for greater expenses and poor experience. Through this post, we will find out why FRP panels no longer fit the requirements and needs of 2024 and how an alternative is all we need to stay relevant.

The struggles with FRP panels:

If you are considering installing FRP walls board in your residence or commercial space, you must check this out before investing:

Lengthy installation process: FRP panels are flimsy in nature and need additional support during installation. Thus, wooden backer boards are used to offer the required support. First, the backer boards are installed on the walls or the surfaces and then the FRP panels are attached to it using adhesive. This makes the process time-consuming and labor-intensive, making for an expensive installation.

High and regular maintenance: FRP panels are joined together with adhesive, which leaves room for crevices that further attract dust, dirt, oil, and moisture. The contaminated crevices pose the perfect recipe for mold and mildew formation, making for an unhygienic space. Cleaning the mold and maintaining hygiene and sanitary conditions is both a time-consuming and expensive process when it comes to FRP panels. Moreover, FRP panels also need regular cleaning to prevent dirt and oil from sitting on the surface.

Expensive solution: When you are looking for any solution for your commercial space, affordability and cost-effectiveness are primary concerns. But with FRP panels the expenses are never-ending, leading to skyrocketed expenses on a daily basis. Right from the cost-intensive installation to high maintenance and frequent repairs, FRP panels burn a hole in the pocket and so do not look relevant for commercial facilities.

Poor fire rating: Commercial spaces need to maintain and adhere to the fire safety norms to prevent any unforeseen situation. However, when you choose to install FRP panels it does not assure fire protection or resistance. Usually, they are flammable and produce toxic gasses, and the wooden backer boards only fuels the situation, further aggravating the fire.

Longevity issues: FRP wall panel is prone to dampness, mold formation, and collapses under high impact, making for poor longevity. They need frequent repairs and replacements to keep the facility in good and functional condition. On an average, they have a shelf life of 30 years which is pretty low compared to the 100 years of durability that PVC offers.

Replace your FRP panels with PVC panels for the standout features

With the multiple drawbacks that FRP panels come with, it becomes essential to look for an alternative that serves the purpose, is practical, and also affordable. PVC panels tick all the boxes and emerge as the reliable and relevant wall paneling option in the present scenario. Let’s find out how PVC panels are setting the bar high with their features in 2024:

Moisture and mold resistance: Keeping away dampness and mold formation is a primary concern in commercial settings, and this is where PVC panels step in. PVC panels are made from virgin vinyl and have a non-porous surface that makes them moisture resistant. Besides, these panels interlock using the tongue and groove method, leaving no space for joints or crevices. The seamless surface does not allow dirt, oil, moisture, or any other element to sit on the surface and contaminate it. Furthermore, they come with an antibacterial coating that prevents mold and mildew formation and helps maintain a hygienic environment.

Class 1 fire resistant: Unlike FRP panels, PVC panels are class 1 fire resistant that can endure and survive an hour of fire and flame. With PVC wall paneling, you can ensure an effective escape time for the inhabitants during any fire situation. Besides, they do not release harmful gases that could affect the health and the environment.

Simple and convenient installation: PVC panels are lightweight and directly fit any surface or wall with the help of studs and fasteners. These panels are ½” in thickness, so do not need any backer boards to support them. Since these panels are easy to install, a single person is enough to complete the task.

Meets the FDA and ASTM standards: PVC panels can be widely used in any commercial setting, including the food and medical industry. These panels adhere to the strict hygiene and safety regulations set up by the FDA. They are also ASTM-certified, which makes them a hygienic and safe alternative to FRP panels.

Duramax PVC panels are the one to look out for in 2024

It’s time that you make a reasonable decision and choose a solution that is both practical and affordable. Now is the time to replace FRP walls board with the versatile and functional PVC panels and opt for an efficient commercial facility. PVC panels meet all the requirements of commercial spaces, offer exceptional durability of 100 years, and effectively fit every commercial need. Moreover, by choosing PVC panels, you can save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor expenses as compared to FRP panel.

Shop for PVC panels from Duramax PVC panels for quality assurance, durability, and affordable rates. Duramax is a renowned PVC manufacturer and supplier in the USA and they ship nationwide at factory-direct prices. Duramax panels have shown remarkable functionality and efficiency and are capable of facing the challenges of a commercial setting. Visit the Duramax website now to request a free sample.

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