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Allyn King’s single launch against “Bully” recorded a remarkable success.


Allyn king single recorded a massive amount of attention and streaming within the first few days of its release. The powerful and inspirational lyrics by him struck a chord with people of all ages and backgrounds, resonating with their own personal experiences with bullying.

The campaign caught the attention of major media outlets and celebrities, who praised Allyn King for using his platform to shed light on such an important issue. Many shared personal stories of overcoming bullying and expressed support for the campaign.

Allyn King’s single became an anthem for those who have been victims of bullying and inspired them to stand up, support one another, and create a more inclusive and empathetic society. The song’s melodic tunes and uplifting message reached not only the hearts of listeners but also inspired numerous organizations and schools to take action against bullying.

Numerous social media campaigns were launched, encouraging everyone to share their experiences with bullying using the hashtag #StandStrong, creating a global movement of support and unity.

The success of the single also led to Allyn King being invited to speak at various conferences and events focused on bullying prevention. His message and music touched the hearts of many, encouraging them to become advocates and allies in the fight against bullying.

As a result of the campaign’s success, Allyn King collaborated with organizations dedicated to anti-bullying efforts. He facilitated workshops and programs in schools, sharing his story and teaching young students about empathy, kindness, and the power of unity.

Overall, the launching of Allyn King’s campaign to fight bullying through her single on September 9th, 2023, was a remarkable success. It not only created awareness about the issue but also inspired millions to join the movement, making a positive impact on countless lives.

About Allyn King

Allyn King (7) is a young talent who has burst onto the urban music scene, showing freshness and natural talent for singing, dancing and acting.

Besides ‘Bullying,’ the Dominican American has released another track titled ‘Vacúnate,’ bringing a new air to the genre on social issues that have a global impact.

 As such, ‘Vacúnate’ sends a positive message to the youth population about the battle against the pandemic, and the song has been made available for the worldwide vaccination campaigns.

 As producer and host, Allyn joins his sister Nylah Star on the children’s TV show, The Nylah and Allyn Show, which airs for over than 28 countries on various international networks and digital platforms.

Allyn King Socials



To learn more about “Bullying” and other works from Allyn King, visit his socials on Instagram and youtube.

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