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Alive AI Raises $17 Million in Funding, Accelerating the Convergence of AI and Web3.


United States, 13th Jul 2023, King NewsWire AI + Web3: The Narrative Track for the Next Bull Market with High Explosive Power?

With the arrival of 2023, generative AI has quickly become a fascinating frontier technology trend. It has brought about a range of incredible experiences, from writing a week’s worth of code in a matter of seconds to generating empathetic simulated human conversations. Through training on trillions of data points and the involvement of thousands of GPUs, generative AI has showcased remarkable natural language understanding capabilities, surpassing our imagination of productivity limits. Generative AI is poised to become the most transformative technological foundation of the next decade, leading us from the Information Age into an entirely new and exciting era of intelligence.

However, like any emerging technology, the development of artificial intelligence also faces challenges. One of these challenges is the difficulty for ordinary people to share in the immense wealth created by AI productivity enhancements. It is at this juncture that Web3, as an innovative technology reshaping production relationships, can bridge this gap. The fusion of AI and Web3 has become an inevitable trend, giving rise to a vast trillion-dollar blue ocean market and becoming the most noteworthy high explosive narrative track to watch in the next bull market.

Against this backdrop, a multitude of AI+Web3 concept startups have emerged in the market, and Alive is one of the pioneers in this field. As a leader in this wave of opportunities, Alive quickly garnered significant attention from investors upon its market debut. In the following analysis, we will provide a panoramic deconstruction of Alive from multiple dimensions, including project overview, core team, AI node plans, technological highlights, application scenarios, and development potential. We will uncover the mystery behind Alive, the capital darling that raised $17 million in funding within three months.

What is the significance of Alive, which seizes the trillion-dollar blue ocean high ground?

Alive is building the next-generation Web3 artificial intelligence platform, with its headquarters located in Silicon Valley. The goal of Alive is to bring the power of generative AI into Web3 and promote the democratization of artificial intelligence through Web3. The aim is to ensure that participants from around the world, regardless of race, gender, education level, nationality, location, culture, or religious beliefs, have fair access and convenient participation in the AIGC ecosystem, and share in the dividends of artificial intelligence development.

As a Web3-based artificial intelligence platform, Alive envisions itself as the first-layer protocol for the next generation of AI, opening the doors to a new world of Web3XAI for billions of users. Through Alive, everyone can become a creator and beneficiary of AI, collectively creating an efficient and equitable world where ownership is distributed to each individual.

Cross-disciplinary top-notch team collaborating synergistically

According to Alive WhitePaper, Alive has assembled a top-notch team consisting of AI enthusiasts, seasoned blockchain professionals, as well as developers and researchers from sectors such as securities, finance, and research institutions. Currently, the core team of Alive consists of more than 40 members who possess extensive industry experience and a wide range of interdisciplinary resources. Here are introductions to key core members:

CEO Rajesh Gupta: Rajesh Gupta hails from India and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology. He has worked in leading AI companies and accumulated over 5 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence. Additionally, he served as a Market Strategy Specialist at Google, providing deep insights into rapid user growth strategies.

CTO James Smith: James Smith holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in AI technology from Stanford University. Over the past decade, he has worked as a senior developer and technical executive in several leading AI startups in Silicon Valley, gaining rich technical expertise and leadership experience.

COO Oliver Williams: Oliver Williams, from the UK, holds an MBA degree from the University of Cambridge, with a focus on operations management and artificial intelligence. With over 3 years of project management and operational roles in global tech companies, he brings extensive operational experience and strategic guidance to ensure the smooth operation and development of Alive.

CFO John Davis: John Davis, from the US, holds a master’s degree in Finance from Harvard University and has an in-depth understanding of the AI market and trends. Over the past 15 years, he has served as a financial analyst and strategic planner in various top-tier global tech companies.

CMO Sophie Taylor: Sophie Taylor, from the UK, holds a master’s degree in Marketing from the London School of Economics, specializing in marketing and promotion of AI products. She excels in formulating and executing effective marketing strategies to drive AI products to a leading position in the market.

Looking at the backgrounds of these key core members of Alive, they possess profound technical expertise and accumulated resources in the field of AI. Their high level of synergy as a team will lay a solid foundation for the development of Alive.

Financing Speed Comparable to a Rocket, Becoming the Darling of Capital

According to official announcements from Alive, as a highly anticipated star project, Alive has gained the favor of major capital investors in its early stages. Within just three months, Alive completed two rounds of financing at a rapid pace, totaling an impressive $17 million. The seed round raised $5 million, attracting a group of outstanding investors, including venture capital firms and high-net-worth individuals. Two months later, Alive swiftly entered its second round of financing, raising $12 million. This round further expanded the investor base, attracting more venture capital firms and strategic partners. Overall, Alive enjoys a robust financial situation that is sufficient to support the long-term development and operation of the project. This will accelerate the implementation of Alive’s ecological applications, enabling the early realization of positive profitability for its ecosystem products. The ample funding provides the Alive team with greater autonomy and development space, allowing them to focus on technological innovation and improving user experience.

Giga Brain Plan to Facilitate Ecosystem Profitability

In addition to its strong research and capital operation capabilities, Alive excels in business implementation. Since its inception, Alive has garnered extensive attention and recognition worldwide. The Alive Foundation has received cooperation invitations from over 120 teams and companies globally, which is a testament to its influence and attractiveness. To further drive the rapid development of the ecosystem, Alive plans to launch the Giga Brain Ecological Strategy in the fourth quarter of 2023, targeting global developers.

Here is a brief overview of several key services that Giga Brain focuses on supporting, including SuperNode, SDK, WebHooks, TransfersAPI, Token API, and Transaction Simulation.

SuperNode is one of Alive’s core products, serving as a highly scalable blockchain node. It enables customers to easily access blockchain data, integrate with major blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS, and provides transparent transaction records and real-time updates. SuperNode also supports smart contract writing and deployment, as well as customized blockchain application development, offering customers powerful functionality and flexibility.

SDK (Software Development Kit) is a tool provided by Alive to help customers quickly create their own blockchain applications. The SDK supports multiple languages, is cross-platform, and easy to use. Customers can access SuperNode and start building their blockchain applications with minimal coding required.

WebHooks is a mechanism provided by Alive for real-time data push to customers’ servers. When specific events occur, such as transactions or contract deployment, WebHooks sends HTTP POST requests to the customer’s specified endpoint, enabling real-time data updates. This allows customers to respond to events faster without the need to poll data sources.

TransfersAPI is an API based on SuperNode that handles the transfer of digital assets. It provides fast and secure digital asset transfer capabilities, assisting customers in managing asset transactions effortlessly while ensuring transaction security and privacy.

Token API offers functionalities for creating, managing, and trading digital tokens. Customers can customize token attributes, including name, symbol, total supply, issuance price, etc., and gain comprehensive token management capabilities. Token API also supports batch token operations and smart contract integration, making token management and trading more flexible and convenient.

Transaction Simulation helps customers better understand and analyze the transaction process. It provides simulation capabilities for transactions, including transaction fees, transaction times, available balances, etc., enabling customers to gain a better understanding of the transaction process and predict potential transaction outcomes.

The successful implementation of the Giga Brain Plan will mark the profitability of the Alive ecosystem project and lay the foundation for future development. Additionally, Alive has established strategic partnerships with several Web3 investment institutions and listed companies in Hong Kong, further accelerating the company’s development. These partners will provide opportunities for market penetration and business expansion, jointly driving the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain to create more value for users. Moreover, over 100 global community alliance organizations inject continuous growth momentum into the Alive ecosystem. These community alliances will collectively promote innovation and development within Alive, forming an active, open, and collaborative ecosystem network.

In summary, Alive, as a leading Web3 artificial intelligence platform, successfully combines generative AI with blockchain technology, bringing forth a high explosive narrative track for the next bull market. Its unique positioning and strong technical prowess have made it a darling of capital, swiftly securing substantial funding support. We have high expectations for Alive’s future development and believe that it will continue to lead industry trends and create more value for users.

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