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A New Era in Bollywood: Veer Pahariya’s Entry with Sky Force




Hold onto your seats, Bollywood enthusiasts! The excitement is through the roof as Akshay Kumar, the powerhouse of Bollywood, dives into an exhilarating venture—the aerial action spectacle Sky Force. On Shastriji’s birth anniversary, he took to social media, exclaiming, “No better day than today to spill the beans on the incredible story of #SkyForce: Our untold story of India’s first and deadliest airstrike. Shower it with love, please. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.”

With filming having taken flight on May 9, 2023 under the masterful direction of Sandeep Kewlani and Abhishek Kapoor under Jio Studios and Maddock Films, the blockbuster will be hitting theatres with a bang on October 2, 2024. And that is not all! The cherry on top is the introduction of the rookie sensation Veer Pahariya, injecting a burst of excitement into this cinematic extravaganza. Curious why October 2nd is important? It is a double celebration, honoring both the film’s release and the birthday of the respected former Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Brace yourself for a time-travel extravaganza! Picture whisking back to the vibrant 1960s and 1970s, where the stage is set for a cinematic rollercoaster. India steals the spotlight, taking a triumphant victory lap against Pakistan in the 1965 war. ‘Sky Force’ dials up the excitement by unveiling the untold true story of the nation’s first air strike. Fasten your seatbelts for this epic tale that guarantees a thrilling ride filled with courage, emotion, and patriotism—keeping you glued to the edge of your seat! The powerhouse production team—Dinesh Vijan, Jyoti Deshpande, Sandeep Kelwani, Abhishek Kapur, and the storytelling maestro Amar Kaushik—are going all out to turn ‘Sky Force’ into a visual extravaganza! 

‘Sky Force’ spins around a mentor-protégé tale, featuring Kumar as the seasoned officer and Pahariya rocking the role of his disciple, reportedly. The cameras rolled for four exciting months, capturing the action at diverse locations, including a legit air base. And here’s the scoop—every shoot is a time-travel extravaganza, with the team taking breaks to recreate the golden era. This is not just a tale — it is an epic saga weaving together bravery, courage, patriotism, and the emotional rollercoaster of the Indian Army heroes who conquered it all. Buckle up, everyone; this is a journey you cannot afford to miss! It is more than a movie; it is a vibe that is going to etch an unforgettable mark on the cinematic canvas. 

Adding to the excitement, the buzz-worthy newcomer Veer Pahariya is gearing up to make a grand entrance into acting alongside Kumar in this cinematic spectacle. But who is Veer Pahariya, and why is the center of attention here? 



Well, Veer Pahariya’s backstory is quite fab! The upcoming star, born on February 1, 1995, is not just your average rising star. Nope, he has a lineage that is nothing short of dazzling, rooted in the political richness of Maharashtra. Now, get this – Veer Pahariya and Sushil Kumar Shinde, the former Chief Minister, have a solid bond of being grandson and granddad! Talk about an incredible family connection.

And here is the twist – despite the parental split of Smruti Shinde and Sanjay Pahariya in 2008, Veer’s family ties still pack a punch. Enter Shikhar, Veer’s go-getter sibling, diving headfirst into real estate and hotel ventures, spicing up the family dynamics. Oh, and did we mention the political glam? Veer’s aunt, Praniti Shinde, is a big shot in the Legislative Assembly.

But hold onto your hats, folks, because Veer is not taking the expected political route. Nope, he is flipping the script and diving into the dynamic world of Bollywood! Now, that is what we call a showbiz plot twist. So, when you ask, “But who is Veer Pahariya, and why is he the center of attention here?” – well, buckle up! Get ready to be wowed by Veer’s journey from politics and impressive personal endeavors to the glitzy realm of Bollywood — it is a rollercoaster of family ties, ambition, and a dash of glam! 

Diving headfirst into the glitzy world of entertainment in 2014, Veer Pahariya kicked off his professional journey with an internship that is the stuff of legends — under the wing of none other than the acclaimed Oscar-winning sound maestro Resul Pookutty! Picture this: a rookie stepping into the scene and making waves.

But hold onto your seats because this was not your typical 9-to-5 gig. Oh no! It was a full-blown transformation, a journey that hurled Veer into the mesmerizing universe of sound engineering. Working side by side with Resul was not just about the professional hustle; it was an eye-opening experience that plunged Veer into the intricacies that make a movie truly pop. We are talking about the subtle art of sound that goes beyond what meets the eye, giving Veer a profound grasp of how sound weaves magic into the cinematic experience.

And guess what? This dynamic duo did not stop there! Riding the waves of inspiration and wisdom gained from this powerhouse collaboration, Veer did not just stop at sound — he ventured into uncharted territories. Brace yourselves for the birth of Veer’s YouTube music channel, where he transformed into a content maestro, breaking through boundaries and fusing the best of audio and visuals. You heard it right! This was just the beginning of Veer’s wild ride into creating immersive and downright captivating narratives. 

Now, here is a twist to Veer’s vibrant persona—his academic adventure! Starting the academic fiesta at Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai, Veer took his party overseas! Higher studies? You bet! He jet-setted to Northeastern University in Boston, MA, and later rocked the academic stage at Regent’s University London. Majors in international relations with a dash of theater in the US set the scene, leading to a grand finale—graduation in finance and management from the UK. Boom! The guy has got a BA in Global Business Management, proving he is not just a creative maverick but also an academic wizard.

But wait, the plot thickens! In 2016, Veer did not just dip his toes; he strategically dove into the corporate world as a sales intern at Mumbai Duty-Free (LVMH), adding a touch of stability to his wild ride. And let me tell you, his educational journey is like a burst of confetti, showcasing a well-rounded approach.

Despite the well-trodden path, Veer’s heartstrings tugged him back to his true love—writing and performing for the camera. The showbiz journey kicked into high gear with a production internship on “Baazaar” in 2018, followed by a year of magic at Emmay Entertainment. Veer sprinkled his creative fairy dust on countless TV pilots and web and film projects, but he was not satisfied. Nope, he craved more! Cue the decision to write and direct short films, jet across the Atlantic and beyond for film courses, and crank up the volume on his creative skills. 

In a daring move back in 2018, the brothers, Veer Pahariya and Shikhar Pahariya, unleashed their creative energy, birthing ‘Indiawyn,’ a gaming and entertainment company, and flaunting their entrepreneurial flair. This hotspot is not just a showcase of their artistic vibes — it is a dazzling entry into the buzzing realms of entertainment and gaming.

Now, buckle up for the glitz beyond Bollywood! Veer is not just a heartthrob on the screen; he is a musical wizard, strumming the guitar and tickling the piano keys, all without a smidgen of formal music training. Yep, you heard it right! This revelation adds a whole new layer to Veer’s artistic profile, cementing him as a rising star with a journey that is as varied as a rainbow.

Launching his professional voyage at the renowned Viacom 18, a big player in Indian entertainment, Veer hit the ground running in the music domain. From crafting tunes for ads, he effortlessly expanded his musical prowess to dive into the grandeur of movies and the spellbinding narratives of web shows.

But that is not all! A fitness fanatic, dog lover, and a maestro with musical instruments — Veer is a true jack of all trades, showcasing his multifaceted personality. And, here is a mind-boggler — Veer Pahariya’s age is a spry 28, but he has already worn numerous hats! Before gracing the limelight as an actor, he fine-tuned his craft behind the camera, playing the role of an assistant director. Stepping beyond the usual, he even slipped into the shadows as Varun Dhawan’s body double in “Bhediya,” proving his versatility and rock-solid dedication to the cinematic art. Following this, Veer waited it out through the pandemic and multiple scripts to get the right opportunity. Sky Force brings forth the presence of a fresh face and everything has come together in full force for the launch of Pahariya to the world of showbiz, a report from a source close to him stated. 



So, get set for the showstopper moment! Veer strides confidently into the spotlight with “Sky Force,” blending a myriad of experiences for an on-screen identity that is not just real but also seriously captivating. Standing on the cusp of an exciting career, Veer Pahariya carries not just a family legacy but a vibrant tapestry of experiences, set to paint an unforgettable masterpiece on the rich canvas of Indian cinema. Calling all Bollywood buffs, brace yourselves — Veer Pahariya’s story is in full swing, and it is as riveting and enthralling as the blockbuster plots that unfold on the silver screen! 

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