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5 Dashboard Warning Lights You Should Never Ignore


Cars have come a long way they now have cutting-edge features that not only improve the driving experience but also alert you whenever something is not running as expected. You get these alerts on your dashboard, and it’s important not to ignore them.

Ignoring the warning lights can result in significant problems like damage to costly parts of the car. In most cases, it’s advisable to stop the car and consult your auto repair service or vehicle manufacturer. Here are some dashboard lights you should never ignore.

Coolant Warning Light

This is one of the common lights that some people tend to ignore. It alerts you to problems with your car’s engine cooling system. It’s triggered by coolant leaks, low coolant level, broken harness, damage to the radiator, or a broken water pump.

Ignoring this light can lead to serious engine problems like overheating, reduced performance, etc. Stop the car when you see this light. Check the coolant level to ensure it’s optimal. Also, inspect your harness, but you’ll need a pro to identify leaks and other major problems.

Oil Pressure

When you get this alert, it means your car has low oil pressure. This can happen due to several reasons including dirty oil, low oil level, broken timing belt, or an oil leak. Stop the car, check the oil level, and top up if needed. If everything seems okay, try restarting your car to see if the light disappears.

Ample oil pressure is important to ensure your engine is well-lubricated. So, whenever this light pops up, it’s essential to visit an auto repair service as soon as possible. They’ll help pinpoint the exact trigger of the light. You can also get a scanner at for quick checks when on the road.

Check Engine

Also known as the ECU warning light, this light pops up on your dashboard for several reasons. It’s one of the lights that car owners dread the most. A simple issue like a loose sensor socket, broken wire, or a worn solenoid can trigger it.

It could also be a more serious problem like overheating, knocking, etc. With an OBD scan, it’s easier to pinpoint the issue and get it addressed. So, whenever this light comes on your dashboard, you must stop the car and seek expert help.

Battery Light

The battery light is easy to decipher for some people, but it’s still one that needs quick attention. It could mean a dead/flat battery, wiring problem, bad alternator, loose battery terminals, or other electrical issues.

You can check your battery terminals, the alternator’s socket, and battery cables to ensure they’re okay. If you rule out these issues, you might have a bad battery or alternator. An OBD technician will help identify the actual problem.

Brake Light

The braking system stops the car and holds it in place while parking. In most cases, you’ll see this light when you pull away from parking while the parking brake is still engaged. Ensure the brake is completely disengaged before driving.

The light also appears when you have worn brake pads, a malfunctioning ABS, and low brake fluid levels. Schedule a car inspection to identify the problem and fix it. Driving with a poor braking system can be a risky endeavor.

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Modern cars come with OBD systems to monitor every aspect of your vehicle, including braking, cooling, oil pressure, etc. When there’s a problem, the system alerts you on your dashboard. Sometimes, it can be a simple issue that you can check later.

In other cases, you’ll need to pull over and seek professional assistance. Problems like overheating can lead to costly repairs like engine replacement. It’s therefore important not to overlook these warning lights when driving.

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