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4 Pillars to $100k/Month – School of Hard Knocks


In March last year, at a business event in Denver, Colorado, we encountered Joel Kaplan, an entrepreneur who has notably assisted 120 individuals in achieving $100k/month in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) with their businesses. Joel, who co-founded a marketing agency called Atlas Digital in his early 20s, initially focused on helping chiropractors attract more clients through Facebook ads. By 26, his venture was generating over $300k a month, propelling him into millionaire status.

After several successful years, Joel sold his share of Atlas Digital and began consulting for emerging marketing agencies, sharing his effective business scaling framework. This framework, which he applied to guide 120 entrepreneurs to $100k/month, revolves around four main pillars: setting appointments, closing appointments, delivering client results, and ultimately, firing yourself to focus on strategic growth.

The 4 Pillars Explained:

  1. Set Appointments: Joel emphasizes the importance of focusing on revenue-generating activities such as setting daily appointments with potential clients. He suggests various strategies for prospecting, including cold emailing, direct messaging ideal clients on social media, using Facebook ads, asking for referrals, posting engaging content, attending networking events, and spreading word about your business through personal connections.
  2. Close Appointments: Joel recommends a two-step closing process. The first is an introductory call to assess the potential client’s fit and needs, similar to a doctor’s initial consultation with a patient. If suitable, a demo call follows, where the actual service offer is presented, helping the prospect realize the value of the service on their own.
  3. Client Results: Delivering outstanding service is crucial for retention and growth. Joel advises hiring experts to learn their processes or offering free trials in exchange for testimonials when starting out. Building strong relationships with clients is also vital, as trust and personal connection can greatly enhance client loyalty and referrals.
  4. Fire Yourself: The final pillar involves delegating daily operational tasks to focus on strategic growth. Joel suggests starting with hiring a personal assistant and then addressing your biggest weaknesses by hiring skilled individuals in those areas.

Joel Kaplan’s business scaling framework is applicable not only to marketing agencies but to any service-based business looking to grow. For those interested in his methods and insights, Joel can be followed on Instagram at @officialjoelkaplan.

Source: School of Hard Knocks

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