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2022 will be a ‘gamechanger’ for the metaverse, as Big Tech companies pour in billions of dollars


METAREA.COM aims to become a metaverse city role-playing game where participants can socialize, attend clubs, shop, and play together. The best part is, the platform allows players to expand the game themselves. Metarea will make it possible for game players to bring their own game to the platform and offer it to game players, thereby offering their digital assets. This way, game
designers can make a decent amount of gains in terms of in-game assets and tokens.

The platform allows people to build their own cities that are directly connected to the capital, and you can “teleport” through all cities. The Metarea platform has three parts that have been discussed below:

  1. User Platform (Main City, User Cities). The main city of and many different cities can be created by users themselves. Here you will find games, NFT stores, clubs, and everything else we want to offer you and all kinds of things that other users would like to offer in their own cities.

  2. Designer Platform: If you have created free spaces in the main city or in one of the user cities, you can customize them in the designer platform. So you can create your own NFT-store, offer your game or start your own club. The possibilities are endless.

  3. Developer Platform: You can build your own city here and get rent or sell rooms. You or your designers can change it via the designer platform. (designers are the owners of the rooms you sell or rent).

Our Games: Have fun and compete in the world of Metarea. Users will be able to play all different kinds of games together or against each other. Competitions will be held where users can compete against each other for great earning opportunities in our currency $MAA. The choice of games will increase continuously as the number of options are unlimited in the world of METAREA.

Our Clubs: Lighten up at the club, meet friends, or team up with new people. Our in-game club will give you the great opportunity to meet friends whenever you want. Meet new
interesting people from all over the world and teaming up with them, for fun or business reason. The possibilities are unlimited.

NFT Stores: Buy and trade NFTs in our in-world NTF stores. Non-Fungible Tokens are minted on the blockchain for authenticity and security. Our in-game NFT stores will give you the opportunity to buy and trade your personal NFTs, therefore, creating a connection  between the real and virtual world.

Our Wallet: Connect your wallet and use the $MAA token as an in-game currency. You will receive $MAA as in-game price money. You pay for admission to live events in clubs and concerts. You can use it to shop in various #NFT stores. And much more.


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